Zopo Hero 1, features that are meant to be in a Mid-End Terminal

It has become a fact that traditional operators have delighted us with their breathtaking technology. Among these is an old Chinese phone manufacturer known as “Zopo”. Although Zopo is not so popular among the audience but believe us, the company has guts to provide serious technology with the most reasonable price. Recently, they launched their new terminal known as “Zopo Hero 1” which is bringing heat to the market. Why? Because Zopo Hero 1 contains everything which are meant to be in a mid-end smartphone for a cheap price.

Back of Zopo Hero 1

Unboxing the new Zopo Hero 1

So, what’s the foremost aspect of a smartphone which creates an everlasting expression on the user? It’s the packing and the accessories. When it comes to Hero 1, the phone is brilliantly packed in a white, rectangular box which opens through sliding the top of the box. Thea picture on the box seems to be of a faked terminal (the size of the edges of the display seems less than real) and the terminal name ZOPO HERO 1 (ONE) . Seriously, one and 1 are the same.

Zopo Hero 1


Once the sliding is done, you get to see the face Zopo Hero 1 and a transparent protector showing the labelled connecting ports. First we remove the phone and get the other content in the box. First are some papers including the warranty card, a quick guide and a sweet welcome for us. But that’s not all. The box incorporates a pack of headphones, a Micro-USB cable, the charger and the battery of the terminal. It’s good to see the headphones with mic in the box which lacks in most of the smartphone packing. This shows that the advent of smartphones coming with a headphone has not been lost. Although the quality of them is not like the HD ones but at least they are present in the box.

Zopo Hero 1

Technical Specifications

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Detailed features of Zopo Hero 1

Built and Design

International and famous brands like Samsung uses the rectangular shape of a phone with curved edges while Sony neglects the curved edges. However, Chinese brands usually copy them or make a simple and less detailed phone.


The Zopo Hero 1 is one of those phones in an elegant, understated design. Without fanfare, quite nice, although not wining any award for the most beautiful smartphone of the year but the style is not out of tune in any situation. The device is not made from metal but simple plastic, like most of the mid-tier phones. The terminal is also not a bulky and large phone as it has an average thickness of 8.6mm leaving it as a convenient device for daily use.

Zopo Hero 1


Finally note that the display has a very fine side edge. The lower and upper parts are not as stylized.

Zopo Hero 1

Hardware and Performance

First, talking about the screen of Zopo Hero 1. It’s a proper 5 inches screen with a mediocre resolution of 720 p, achieving a density of about 301 pixels per inch, enough to make everything look good. Sadly, it’s not Full-HD, but actually good for that price (mentioned below). Other factors including the side angle view, color contrast etc are also fine.

The first pros of the phone is the SoC, which is by the way MediaTek MT6735. The SoC comprises of a quad core processor running at a frequency of 1.3 GHz and the famous Mali series (T720) as the GPU. Although, the processor is not an octa-core but it supports 64x architecture. Also the performance gets doubled when the SoC is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM. The excitement crosses the limits when we hear that the terminal supports 4G-LTE network.

Zopo Hero 1 back open

Heading to the cameras. The front one is like the average of the phones, of 5 MP and not that much interesting (except the face beauty feature) as the rear one which is of 13.2 MP integrating an OmniVision sensor in it. Well, Sony could have been better. Both the cameras work pretty well as you can see in the picture below. However, in low light (especially the night scenes) the sensors are going to offer something more poor results compared to professional cameras.


The Operating system of Zopo Hero 1 is Android 5.1 Lollipop, not Marshmallow but it’s OK. The OS is further modified by a layer called Z-UI (User Interface Zopo) acting only as a theme, it does not include external apps, leaving a fairly clean but with a twist system. The internal storage is 16 GB but if you want more then gratefully an MicroSD card slot has been provided.

Finally talking about the battery, the MediaTek has always been characterized for offering good data on this aspect as they are processors with very low consumption and Zopo Hero 1 is no exception, offering good autonomy with 2500mAh.

Additional features includes Smart Gesture, Smart Cover, GLONASS, Smart sensors etc.

Zopo Hero 1 vs Ulefone Paris X

Now we are going to compare two smartphones of the same price, same tier but of different brands.


In terms of design and built the differences in the case of Ulefone is that we see a more rounded design reminiscent of the iPhone, but still manage to convince more about the sobriety of Zopo Hero 1. We also have to add that the Ulefone Paris X does have a metal frame and the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass , which is always preferable.

If we turn to the photographic aspect the Ulefone wins again, the Sony sensor is far superior to that of Zopo Hero 1 , so if you need to make photography concerned with the Paris X.

The winner in battery and timings is the Zopo Hero 1 , as it has greater capacity, but the difference is not as significant (250mAh more) to make a big difference autonomy.

Price and Availability:

Zopo Hero One is an interesting handset containing mediocre specs, okay for the people who consider to buy budget friendly phones. For them, a Chinese store has been provided called Gearbest. You can get the phone for a price of $120 in two colors black and white.



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