Zonestar Z6F Review | Portable & lightweight Mini 3D printer with accuracy

The Zonestar Z6F is a portable mini 3D printer for printing small size objects with accuracy and quality. It has created quite a buzz in the Printing world as it is compact in size and portable in weight, still delivering quality result among users. So, the general users can easily create quality 3D objects for their day to day lives as it is also very simple to assemble and operate. It is a small and simply designed device with very few complexities.

Zonestar Z6F reviewZonestar Z6F Review

The Zonestar Z6F is a very simple device with a lot of features coming from it. If someone judges it for its small size then they are making a huge mistake as this device comes with so much more in such a small package.

Easy assembling

The Zonestar Z6F is a complete metal framed machine which has an aluminum platform. Some parts of the printer are pre-assembled. So, the installation of this device is very easy compared to other 3D printers. It only takes 10 minutes for the assemble of this device. It is very easy to assemble. Even an amateur first timer can easily assemble it.

Light & Portable

The Zonestar Z6F is a very light printer which has a weight of only 4KG. The printing capacity is almost 150 x 150 x 150 mm. With the light weight and small dimension, the Zonestar Z6F is a portable printer that can easily be transported by hand from one place to another.

Soundless Printing

The Zonestar Z6F offers its users silent soundless printing feature. Most of the 3D printers make noise while printing process is undergone. But the Zonestar Z6F silently finishes the whole printing. It is a very handy feature if the printer is used in home.

State of the art connectivity

Most of the 3D printers in the market have a huge problem in connectivity. They have to b connected through USB with laptop or PC. But the Zonestar Z6F can be easily connected with a smartphone through Wi-Fi connection. Even the laptop can be connected through Wi-Fi. So, the complexity of Connecting USB wires is not needed. But the PC must be connected through the software first.

Higher Accuracy and Speed

The Zonestar Z5F is a highly accurate device. The XY-axis positioning accuracy of the printer is0.012mm and the Z-axis positioning accuracy: 0.0025mm. It also has a printing speed of almost 100mm per second. The nozzle diameter of the printer is 0.4 mm and the nozzle temperature is almost 170-275 Degree. This enables the printer to deliver consistent accuracy in 3D printing.

Dual Cooling Fan

The Zonestar Z6F has a dual cooling system for its power system. The cooling fan feature prevents the power system from overheating. So, the heat is managed nicely.

Extruder Replacement

Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. There is an extruder in the Zonestar Z6F which can be easily replaced. So if the extruder is rusted or not working properly it can be easily replaced.

OLED screen

The Zonestar Z6F has an OLED screen on the boot middle part of the base. The 128*64 OLED screen enables users to see the details of the printing such as temperature, speed, flow-rate and other details.

Persistent Printing

The Zonestar Z6F may be a small printing device but it certainly delivers in its performance of printing. It has the ability to create objects with a layer by layer printing ability. PLA, nylon and PVA can easily be supported to print.

Safety First

The Zonestar Z6F is a very simply designed device and it comes with its own safety features. It comes with a power adaptor so that the voltage in the current is controlled and the printer does not damage itself as well as the users.

Open source firmware

As the Zonestar Z6F can be connected wirelessly it has a potential risk of its security. But its open source firmware system provides network protection to its users and also securing all the work done in the printer.

Logo replacing

The Zonestar Z6F has a little space for any personalized logo to put on or any company using may put their company title there for identification purposes.

Some Difficulties

Not Suitable for large printing

The Zonestar Z6F has a printing capacity which reaches up to 150 x 150 x150 mm. So, it can be easily said by seeing the printing size that this device is not suitable for large printing objects. It is only suitable for smaller objects and models. It is not ideal for industrial large size printing at all.

Delicate Device

The Zonestar Z6F is a very simple yet delicate machine. It is small in size but comes with a lot of things. It also has a very light weight. So, it is tended to move from one place to another. So, it must be handled cautiously.

Conditions limitation

The Zonestar Z6F has to be used in 10 – 30 degree Celsius. Humidity also comes in circumstances sometimes. So, these limitations must be watched as in a hot day printing some with this device may lead to the malfunction of the device or even worse, do damage to the user.


The Zonestar Z6F is an out of the world device. From its elegant design to its precise accuracy, the Zonestar Z6F delivers with the quality performance in 3D Printing. Though it is vey small in size but it has the features of portability and lightweight. This printer is very useful for students for making models and other household things. It can be easily assembled and used for 3D printing. Its elegant design with the full metal frame just gives it an artistic look. So, it is safe to say that if anyone is looking for a complete 3D printing performance, this is the device for them. It is recommended for every type of user for its easy assembling and simple 3D printing experience.

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