Zonestar Z5FM Review: The dual Extruder 3D printer


Zonestar has always surprised us with their high precision 3D printers. The company has now come up with a new product named Zonestar Z5FM which is aiming to make news in the mid-segment range of printers. The product is readily available for $240 at all websites, or the prices may vary from site to site. It is a fair deal for a printer that can print two colors.

A cheap 3D printer will ruin the details of your figures. It may consume more time for printing a few centimeters of the picture, and that took a low-quality one. Choosing the right product in the market of many is essential. The printer is not only precise to add the details to the figure. But you can assemble it quickly in around 10 Minutes. The package will be received unassembled. The company assures super crisp quality with no time.

The design of the product is very durable. Many critics all over the internet have appreciated the distinct outline of this product. To know more about the product you can go through the article and read out the specifications and features of this product.

Zonestar Z5FM uses the layer by layer technology. It sets one layer on another and works at a slower rate. The slower rate provides an advantage of detailed edges and curves of the required print. Zonestar Z5FM has a lot of amazing features so without further delay lets dig into that.

Zonestar Z5FM 3D Printer

Specifications and Features:

Zonestar Z5FM:


The design of this 3D printer is straightforward and durable. It has rectangular configuration makes it very versatile for printing in the open firmware. The open source firmware is also known as custom firmware. It helps the users enjoy an advantage of features as it creates a more adaptable and handy network. It is easily visible that how the printer is working or is it printing in the right manner. The frame of this printer is more stable, and the movement is more smooth.

Aluminum Base:

The product has an aluminum base which makes it very lightweight and hence easy to carry. The required 3D model would not get stick to the bottom as in other printers we face this issue. You can quickly pick your model at the end of the operation.

Zonestar Z5FM

The Aluminum base has rubber edges below it so that the operation won’t be disturbed by any pushing or mismanagement. The rubber edges stick to the bottom of the ground and assure the safety of the printer. It is stable and doesn’t move around during the operation.

Easy Assembly:

It is easy to use and can be assembled in a short period in just 10 minutes. Joining it is not time-consuming and very less tiresome. It contains a short number of small parts which makes it very easy to assemble. The user manual is very self-explanatory for assembly.

All the parts are bolted together which makes it a very firm and sturdy printer. There are detailed tutorials on how this printer can be installed and used which makes it easy to use. All the problematic accessories are pre-installed.
It also comes with an SD card for the fast installation of the product and makes it a piece of a cake to assemble the machine with a short period of time.

Zonestar Z5FM


It is a new 4th generation printer with the dual extruder 2-in-1 OUT electronic mixing color technology. Usually, the printers in this segment come with single extruders, but this product comes with two dual extruders. Dual extruders are meant by the printing of 2 colors at the same time which leads to some gorgeous prints. It also comes with one auto-mixing mode. In this mode, the printer will automatically convert a single color to discolored objects.
The printer comes with three different modes to work on. The three methods are namely- Manual, Automatic and Random. This technology helps in the fast and benefits in more precision. The other printers in this range do not come with this much-advanced technology.

Simultaneous Selection of Colors:

The company stocks this printer with a great selection of simultaneous printing of 2 colors. It helps to enhance the quality of the product printed. It comes out with the much attractive blend of colors and appearance. Most of the printers cannot do that in its segment.

Zonestar Z5FM

LCD Screen:

It is equipped with a large size LCD screen. Zonestar Z5FM has a fantastic display of 3.5 Inches and 128 x 64 dots which helps in simple monitoring. Zonestar Z5FM also comes with a one-touch knob for the ease of the functions. It contains handy options for the settings of the axis as well.

The LCD screen helps the user to make the changes under the fingertip. The LCD screen is comparatively large in this product. If we compare any other product, the large screen is a good advantage over any other product. We can easily set the required settings over the screen for smooth operation.

Print Zonestar Z5FM

Durable Parts:

All of its parts are made up of durable, high-quality metal. Strong screws which replace connectors strongly connect the Aluminum profiles. The base frame is cut finely by CNC. It is joined by a 3mm thickness metal sheet which gives it high durability in rough conditions.

It also has V-slot profiles with highly precise wheels. The V- slot allows the wheels and bearing to fit perfectly inside the profile. The metal with the matte finish gives it a very sleek look on the basis of appearance. The alloy contains the properties of non-rusting so that you can use your product for ages and in moisture.


Zonestar Z5FM comes with the interface of a single vent. The diameter of the nose is 0.4mm which ejects the material in a low quantity to avoid waste of the user equipment. The nozzle temperature varies from the Room Temperature to 260 Degree.

Layer Thickness:

The printer works on the layered operation for the completion of the project. The layer thickness varies from 0.1 to 0.3mm. The quality is so excellent that you can hardly see the difference between the layers of the object printed.

Zonestar Z5FM

Platform Temperature:

As the product always produces on the platform the platform to gets heat up. Unlike other products in this segment, it has a low platform temperature. The temperature varies from the Room Temperature to 110 Degrees which is comparatively cooler. The Hotbed comes with the high power which provides it a faster rate of heating. The setting temperature varies from 100 to 115 degrees.

Upgradable Product:

It belongs to the Z5 Series products which have a rich interface. All the features pre-installed on the printer are expandable. The upgrade will enroll directly to the software within a day all over the world irrespective of the region.

Besides only upgrading more features within the product, you can easily update it to a laser engraving machine. This peculiar feature of Zonestar Z5FM makes it very distinct than other printers in range.

High-quality output:

There is naturally more accuracy in the printing. The thin nozzle makes the edges of the figures very accurate to the point. The movement of the nozzle beautifully rounds the curves. Even the sharp edge on the gadget is so perfect. The development of statistics is very fine and it makes the machine worth the price. The details speak for themselves. The print lines are almost unnoticeable.

Zonestar Z5FM

The bright colors of the photo and the product are highly identical. The color selection of this product is marvelous. The blend between many different colors is perfect and is seen distinctly with the eye.

Low Noise:

Unlike the other products of this range, it performs pretty well. The noise during the operation of the product is bearable and less loud. Despite various movements within a fraction of seconds, it hardly makes any noise like the usual printers.

Extruder Fan:

Zonestar Z5FM also has a built-in cooling system. It contains the Extruder fan for the faster cooling rate of the machine and small object print. The extruder fan vents away all the generated heat from the computer and hence keeping it fresh.

Hot Bed:

Zonestar Z5FM

It comes with a 3mm thickness high flatness all in one aluminum plate. Zonestar Z5FM also includes a specially designed 3D printer hotbed film which completely solves the problem of “Shape edge.” The Hotbed film provides protection to the machine. Zonestar Z5FM also gets the 3D print parts to stick to the bed which avoids curls or wrapping problems occurring during the operation.

Supported Material:

This printer supports many different materials which makes it very user-friendly and available to all the types of conditions. The product can work with PVC, ABS, PETG, PLA.
All these supported materials are ubiquitous in use. You cannot use any other materials other than the mentioned ones. The notion supported elements may even clog the nozzle and make it dysfunctional.
The diameter of the material is 1.75mm which is pretty decent in this segment.

Zonestar Z5FM

Languages Supported:

Zonestar Z5FM comes with the support of vernacular languages. The writings consist of – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian. Keeping in mind about the common words spoken all over the globe, the company has made it possible for every user to use with ease.
Other than these languages the menu supports 26 different languages.

File Format:

The printer comes with a wide range of file formats that you can use for the operation. STL, G-code, OBJ, AMF are the standard formats and the device supports it.

Zonestar Z5FM

The printer comes with the support of USB and TF card connector. USB is the most commonly used connector so, it can be connected to any device without any hassles. It can also connect with the SD card slot for the user convenience.
The Powerbox connects with an AC power connector which makes it very simple to set up and easy to use.


The positioning of the axis is set in such a way that it can move in every direction without any barriers. The position of the shaft plays an important part in the movement of the nozzle. Wrong positioning may even spoil the print. The precision of the product is purely dependent on the axis.
Zonestar Z5FM have XY- Axis positioning accuracy: 0.01mm. Z-axis positioning accuracy 0.0025mm.

Voltage and Dimensions:

The device works on the energy of 12V. Comparing the energy used, it takes up the low voltage in comparison to the other printers. The electricity bill won’t is an issue if it will take longer to print. You can use it for several hours.

Zonestar Z5FM

The product is very lightweight in comparison to other printers and is highly portable. The material it uses makes it weight for 6.5000 kg. The package will weight for 7.5000 Kg.
The size of the product is 47.00 x 43.00 x 41.00 cm / 18.5 x 16.93 x 16.14 inches. The package size will range to 47.30 x 44.50 x 16.50 cm / 18.62 x 17.62 x 6.5 inches.

Our Verdict:

To sum up, with the verdict, it is an amazing 3D printer in the market at a very affordable price. No 3D printer gives this much accuracy and precision in this range. It offers various features and stability which are not even available in the costly printers of different companies. The dual extrusion is the best feature in this printer as many printers do not give you this feature with this price tag. The quality it offers is self-explanatory. After comparing this product to other printers and the features it provides, it is best in the class 3D Printer.



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