The ZMI Travel Assistant Z1 is officially released to the market with a price of $50

ZMI is known as one of Xiaomi’s partner companies that specialize in the manufacture of power banks and flashlights, but recently, some rumors about a multi-function phone called ZMI Function Phone began to spread on the Internet. Today, this device was officially launched to the market, and its official name is ZMI Travel Assistant Z1. For the moment, it is available only on the Jingdong website.

To be precise, this is not only a phone, but it is also the result of mixing a portable GPS tracker, a power bank and a voice translator. Its main features include portable GPS positioning, global Internet access, an AI voice assistant, voice translation, 4G support, a dual standby dual card, a power bank, and much more.

The ZMI Travel Assistant Z1 is officially released to the market with a price of $50

Functions of the new ZMI Travel Assistant Z1

First of all, the ZMI Travel Assistant Z1 integrates Xiaomi’s global Internet access function, and is compatible with 56 countries and regions; therefore, it is not necessary to insert cards or international roaming to achieve a better online experience. In addition, there is a key to share the independent access point on the side of the fuselage and, then, with a single movement the user can connect to a network shared with friends. At the same time, you can provide Wifi connectivity to 10 users and 1 USB user.

Second, there is an AI voice assistant built into the ZMI Travel Assistant Z1, and it supports more than 14 million music and audio books. Because of that, you can verify information, control the phone through voice commands, program some actions and also control smart devices belonging to Mijia. Like the button for Wi-Fi hotspot, a dedicated physical button was also designed for Xiao Ai: a simple pressure will activate the voice assistant.

Functions of the new ZMI Travel Assistant Z1

Third, the ZMI Travel Assistant Z1 supports voice translation for Chinese and 16 other languages, as well as integrating Microsoft’s artificial intelligence translation and the Orion Star Voice dual engine, as well as deeply optimizing band-enhancement vocal technology, which is easy to hear in noisy environments. The detail is that not only the voice prompts will be shown on the screen, but also the translated texts.

Fourth and last, this small device can serve as a regular energy bank. The use of a lithium polymer battery with a large capacity of 5000mAh not only provides long-term uninterrupted network hotspots, but can also be used as a mobile power source when an emergency recharge is required.

Functions of the ZMI Travel Assistant Z1

This is the price with which it reaches the market

On the Jingdong page, the ZMI Travel Assistant Z1 is available for a price of 349 yuan (which would be about $50, limited to 200 units), 399 yuan (or about $58, limited to 500 units), 459 yuan (or about $67, limited to 1,000 units) and 499 yuan (or $72, limited to 1,500 units).

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