Ziglint Z5 Review: Cordless Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

8000PA Powerful Suction 3 Cleaning Tools 40min Working Time

If you are looking for a lighter, smarter, longer and more powerful vacuum cleaner in an affordable price than Ziglint Z5 cordless vacuum cleaner is for you. With a slim, lightweight body and a 2000mAh battery, the Ziglint Z5 is a silent 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner that runs for up to 40 minutes. The device has an impressive 8000PA suction, with which no dust can hide. Cleaning 3 tools include a motorized floor head 1, a combined brush 1 and a splitting tool 1, which can reach anywhere and slide on most surfaces. In addition, the battery is suitable for your convenience. Look further and learn more about the specifications and functionalities of Ziglint Z5.


Ziglint Z5: Packaging

Package of Ziglint Z5 cordless vacuum cleaner contents the following:
Vacuum Cleaner 1 x Ziglint Z5
1 x anodizing bar
1 x power adapter
1 x Motorized floor head
1 x Combined brush


Ziglint Z5: Specifications

Ziglint Z5

Technical Specifications

Power: 120W
Tank Capacity: 0.7L
Suction: 8000Pa
Adaptor: 27V, 500mA
Battery: 2000mAh
Operating time: 40 minutes
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Noise value: 80dB
Weight: 1.4kg
Product size(L x W x H): 1200 x 250 x 160 mm
Price: $91.03

ziglint-z5Ziglint Z5: Design and Appearance of cordless vacuum cleaner

Ziglint Z5 is a very convenient vacuum cleaner which you can use not only for floor cleaning but also for cleaning the corners of the ceiling or other higher areas.ziglint-z5 While testing the Ziglint Z5, we found several similarities with the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. However, there are many differences as well. One of the differences is the smaller size of Ziglint Z5 vacuum cleaner and lighter weight( without nozzle the weight is 1.4 kg). Note, that the smaller weight depends on the materials from which the product is made.ziglint-z5-reviewZiglint Z5 is equipped with the replaceable lithium-ion battery, which has a capacity of 2000 mAh. Also according to a manufacturer, another advantage is that it can be fully charged about 4 to 5 hours.ziglint-z5 Being powered with an operating voltage of 22.2 volts, the Ziglint Z5 delivers 120 watts, this way generating a suction power of 8000 Pa.ziglint-z5The dust container of cordless powerful vacuum cleaner holds a maximum of 700 ml and in case of need can be removed. It includes the integrated filter from the engine and the suction nozzle.ziglint-z5 Besides the battery itself, it also includes an electrically rotating floor nozzle with a width of almost 22 cm, in addition with telescopic tube and crevice tool. ziglint-z5During the test, the crevice nozzle of Ziglint Z5 has an extendable brush attachment. It can be used for cleaning sensitive surfaces, thus preventing them from scratching.
Furthermore, the floors which are difficult to clean can be vacuumed and wiped at the same time.
ziglint-z5The plastic material from which is made the Ziglint Z5, at first sight, can make a cheap impression. However, it has it’s an advantage too. For me using the vacuum cleaner with a low weight is a key point and has crucial importance for many users too.ziglint-z5We want to gain your attention to the rotating brush which is an absolute exception among rechargeable vacuum cleaners. Using that brush it will provide a much better cleaning performance compared with other devices.

Ziglint Z5: Main features

  • ¬†2-in-1 cordless grip and hand vacuum cleaner
  • Easy to clean the floor, carpet, furniture, curtains, beds, sofas, cars and edges
  • Highly efficient cyclonic system and washable sponge filters
  • Block more than 99% of dust protect the motor
  • Speed ??2 for cleaning in different cases
  • Rechargeable and removable battery
  • Max. Long working time 40min
  • Charging time 4 – 5
  • With a maximum suction of 8000PA
  • Large capacity of the dust collector 0.7L
  • Wall holder for easy storage

ziglint-z5Ziglint Z5: Performance and Cleaning

There are various ways to empty the dust container. The simplest of these ways is to open the hinged lid at the bottom by just pressing a button. At least most of the dirt will easily fall out of the container, in contrast with the clumped dust, such as hair. They often stick tightly to the transparent plastic cylinder and the overlying filter.ziglint-z5So, after cleaning carpets, there is a need to remove the engine part and then remove the entire filter from the dust container. The overall process is very easy, and then you can actually remove all other residues from the tank and continue the cleaning very easily.ziglint-z5In the Ziglint Z5 vacuum cleaner the foam filter besides that can be removed and replaced if there will be necessary, but also it can be simply washed with water.ziglint-z5If you noticed that suction decreases noticeably then it will be good to clean the filter. However, note that during our test, we never faced that problem, even after we had sucked in a lot of fine dust.ziglint-z5 The separation of the dust particles from the air stream seems working very well. The suction power is pretty good.ziglint-z5-Ziglint Z5 working process is very simply. The instructions of vacuum cleaner consist of only two printed A4 pages. I think there will not be any difficulties while understanding the working process of a vacuum cleaner. Being charged with a full battery, we were able to use a Ziglint Z5 vacuum cleaner a good half hour without interruption. By the way, it is a great result for a cordless vacuum cleaner.ziglint-z5When the battery of Ziglint Z5 is fully discharged, it takes less than 5 hours to be fully charged again. There is a special flashing LED which will indicate charging is in progress while being connected to the power outlet. As soon as it is permanently flashing, the battery is full.ziglint-z5 Another advantage of vacuum cleaner is that it does not occupy much space. You can leave it in a closet or the corner behind the door.ziglint-z5 Despite all the criticism in terms of build material quality and handling, the suction power of Ziglint Z5 is pretty good. In comparison to other handheld vacuum cleaners, it is much stronger, also because of the rotating brush.ziglint-z5For similar applications of the cordless vacuum cleaner, the Ziglint Z5 in the test is perfectly motorized. The floor nozzle works wonderfully comfortable and also cleans very thoroughly.ziglint-z5

Ziglint Z5: Reviews and Conclusions

Overall, we are very pleased with Ziglint Z5 cordless stick handheld vacuum cleaner.
It is a very powerful handheld vacuum cleaner, which also has a telescopic tube, which in many cases facilitates our cleaning process. Using that feature, it can suck at least smaller floor areas, computer’s keyboard, and other narrow small areas, without having any difficulties.ziglint-z5

In general, the price is pretty affordable too. According to its characteristics, it is worth that price. Now you can buy Ziglint Z5 for $91.03 from Gearbest store. Christmas is coming! It will be a good present for your family and friends.


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