Zeblaze THOR PRO 3G Smartwatch Phone With 1GB RAM 16GB ROM Offered for $65.99(Coupon)

Before now, most of us felt it won’t be possible to embed most of the features on a smartphone in a watch, but Chinese manufacturer always tends to amaze us. Zeblaze is a well know smartwatch manufacturer that have placed all that you can find in a smartphone inside a watch. From Calling someone to camera, to nice smartphone games, down to surfing the web. The Zeblaze THOR PRO 3G Smartwatch Phone comes with everything you can find in a smartphone with an MTK6580 chipset. isn’t this amazing? lets quickly look at the product in proper.

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Price without coupon: $91.53
Coupon code($65.99) => BGNAZTP

The THOR Pro smartwatch sports a metal body made from 316L stainless steel crafted using the CNC injection process adding a premium metal curve, an offering from the double-layer design that it incorporates. Its straps are non-replaceable and are made from silica gel and to be honest they are very thick, guarantee that it is very durable and it surprisingly turns out to be comfortable as well. The metal casing has got thick bezels sporting time markers all around it and the front camera can be seen right on top. On the sides, there is the ‘CALL’ button, ‘POWER’ button and ‘BACK’ button for inputting the designated commands. The overall lines and shapes are smooth like and the color is shining like a star. On the rear, there is a SIM tray that can house a Micro SIM, a magnetic charger pin and a built-in heart rate sensor.

Smartwatches are great to have and can do most things that the ordinary smartphone can do – everyone knows that. This fact leaves us yearning for a smartwatch that isn’t just long lasting but can give us a top-drawer performance as well. Zeblaze does its best to deliver in terms of the internal make-up of the THOR Pro smartwatch. The chipset behind all its operations is MediaTek MTK6580 processor running on quad-core at 1GHz of maximum frequency. The CPU easily handles whatever is thrown at it from games to music, videos and there is no sign of lagging or slow responsiveness, the only notable blemish in performance is the distorted sound it makes when its volume is loudest but that can be sorted by reducing it a bit. The CPU runs on a 1GB RAM platform and 16GB of internal storage which should be sufficient enough as there is no support for microSD card.

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Talking about the display, the Zeblaze THOR Pro is up there with the best smartwatches even doing better than most. The Smartwatch sports a 1.53-inch display based on Super IPS technology. It has a high-end offering of 320 by 320 pixels of screen resolution and 326ppi of pixel density. Comparing the THOR S to the Zeblaze THOR Pro smartwatch (which for now has smartwatch’s finest display), there is only one significant difference and that is the fact that the THOR smartwatch sports a 1.4-inch display compared to THOR Pro 1.53-inch display. Asides that, every other thing remains the same as the Zeblaze THOR. The colors are ultra-bright and images come out vividly. It must be noted that even under direct sunlight, it doesn’t disappoint although it is not as bright as in low-light conditions as expected.

The THOR Pro features a 2MP camera and permits me to say that the positioning of the camera is one that I like. Images come out fine, very clear, displaying details vividly and it offers a great video-calling experience. A 500mAh Large Lithium-ion battery is on offer, giving life to the Zeblaze THOR Pro smartwatch. The smartwatch runs on Android 5.1 OS(Lollipop). This cannot compare to the Android 6.0 Marshmallow but it still serves up an enjoyable user experience with a user-friendly interface that is customizable. The watch faces, for one, can be changed simply by clicking the center, then scrolling and selecting the one that best suits your interest and there are others that can be downloaded as well.

Price without coupon: $91.53
Coupon code($65.99) => BGNAZTP



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