Zeblaze Thor 4 Plus: New Arrival 4G Smartwatch Phone [Gearbest Offer]

The smartwatch that can replace your smartphone!

Android Wear smartwatches have been around for almost 5 years now. With LG leading the market and Zeblaze being the king of the budget league. Bringing the latest technology to the smartwatch market, Zeblaze had finally unveiled their latest product the Zeblaze Thor 4 Plus and its out for pre-sale on gearbest!

Zeblaze Thor 4 Plus 4G Smartwatch phone: Will it be worth the hype?

Sporting similar looks to the successful design of Thor 4, some small changes still do exist. The right side of the Thor 4 Plus has enlarged the two buttons making it more convenient to click. I’m also glad that Zeblaze has retained the 4G support to the Thor 4 Plus. Also the good news is that the Thor 4 Plus is available for $117.99 online. [Check on Gearbest]

Appearance and Design

The coolest aspect of the Zeblaze Thor 4 is that it looks utterly normal. This has been the motive of Zeblaze ever since their very first product. They are a company who tends to care about the balance between design and technology. Equipped with a sleek design and combined with HD AMOLED display on a 1.4” inches (400×400) screen makes the Thor 4 Plus a definite Show-Stopper. The Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is the perfect cherry on the top to the amazing display and appearance for the Thor 4. This assures that the worries about scratches on the screen are not there to stay.

Weighing only 66 grams, the casing of the smartwatch is made of Alloy with silica gel chosen for the strap material. Thor 4 Plus has dimensions of 4.13 x 4.13 x 2.83 inches. The great designing which is exquisite yet elegant doesn’t go down on the touch with its provision of capacitive multi-touch. The body of the watch is a perfect blend of lightweight materials and a sleek sturdy body. The elegant design which has no compromise on safety makes it a wonderful choice for buyers and super attractive to the eyes.

Performance and Hardware

Probably by now you might start wondering there isn’t much difference between the Thor 4 Plus & the Thor 4, except that the price has increased over $20 extra. Actually that is not the case, the Thor 4 Plus has opted for the MTK6739 1.25 GHz, Quad Core Processor. Which means it has 23% improved power consumption when compared to its predecessor. Which definitely makes the Thor 4 Plus an ideal choice for the consumers.

The Thor 4 Plus is packed with 16GB ROM & 1GB RAM delivering a seamless performance. The Thor 4 Plus also runs on the latest Android 7.1.1 system. The device also supports 4G LTE and a support for Nano SIM slot making it super portable. Along with all these features, Thor 4 is also made to support 23 languages picked from across the world. These features do make sure that Thor 4 can truly give the basic smartphones a run for their money in terms of performance.

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With many watches scrapping the camera and others not sure to keep it, Thor 4 Plus employs a powerful camera. The 5.0 megapixels doesn’t disappoint and even allows for seamless video calls and recording of videos when there are no other options left.


Zeblaze has made sure that the Thor 4 Plus won’t disappoint users. Providing top-notch connectivity in all areas is a feather in its cap. The single Nano SIM slot provides a wireless connection to users with choices to select between 2G, 3G or 4G. The 4G feature enables the watch to be used independently without the proximity of the smartphone. Bluetooth 4.0 present in it allows easy exchange of media in a range of six to ten meters.

The built-in 28nm GPS works accurately and doesn’t lose connectivity in areas where the network is deficient. Thor 4 Plus doesn’t miss out on connectivity and is all set to take on branded smartphones in this aspect as well.

The Perks of the Zeblaze Thor 4 Plus:

The Thor 4 Plus is equipped with many other great features which are new to the smartwatch market:

  • The abundant memory space allows seamless multitasking.
  • Equipped with a high definition camera, it can capture good quality pictures.
  • Coming with 150 watch faces and more downloadable online, it can be customised according to the user’s preference with no limitations in the number of options.
  • Multiple sensors like accelerometer, heart-rate monitor and proximity sensor are present. The in-built GPS is highly accurate.
  • Fitted with a polymer lithium-ion battery, greater battery life is provided.
  • Since it can act as an independent smartwatch, the play store allows third-party applications to be installed without any hindrance.

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Let’s hope it stays up-to the hype!

Thor 4 Plus is nothing short of wonderful and Zeblaze is about to launch a great product that is sure to deliver. With the capability to act as a standalone smartwatch, the time consumed for simple tasks can be reduced by turning to the Thor 4 Plus. The lovely build quality that combines elegance and sturdiness also equips your wrist with the power to do all basic tasks without reaching for your phone. The Thor 4 was a great success, lets hope that the Zeblaze Thor 4 Plus Smartwatch Phone also lives up-to the hype. If the Zeblaze Thor 4 Plus is your ideal smartwatch, then take a shot & pre-book:


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