Zeblaze THOR 4: The ideal Smartwatch Phone for the most demanding users

As the decades go by, technology does not leave the path of innovation, and its primary focus is to simplify the activities of daily life. very often after such a busy routine, we love to detach a bit from our daily lives to undertake new experiences, and although we will not completely disconnect ourselves with the outside world, it is ideal to have at least one device that can locate us or let us communicate, and the terminals may not be the best option for these types of breaks. so, we will talk you about an ideal option to stay connected, but not as connected as usual! The Zeblaze THOR 4, a phone watch with 4G connectivity, Android 7.0 and much more.

Zeblaze Thor 4

The Smartwatch Phones are versatile devices that from our wrist allow us to perform an infinite number of tasks, from receiving calls to notifications from our contacts as if it were a conventional telephone, we present as an approach to this section the Zeblaze THOR 4, a wonderful Smartwatch, affordable, durable and quite practical, throughout this note we will go into more detail of why this device is one of the best options offered by the market today.

It should be noted that the Zeblaze Thor 4 is considered the first smartwatch of the Chinese firm Zeblaze that has 4G LTE, giving us a Premium design. In addition, their materials are of the highest quality providing a great resistance.

Zeblaze THOR 4: Box

The Zeblaze Thor 4 is shipped in a box with the following dimensions: 10.5x 10.5 x 7.2 cm and weighs: 0.210 kg, providing a standard package compared to other devices of the same class, so the shipment will not be expensive and, for last, the implements for the use of the device are the following:

  • 1x Zeblaze THOR 4
  • 1x Charger cable
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 1x 580 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
  • 1x User’s Manual

Zeblaze THOR 4: Design and construction

Zeblaze THOR 4

The Zeblaze THOR 4, as we can see in the first instance, achieves a combination of design between the sporty and the delicate, which makes it the new flagship for Zeblaze, of round appearance, a moderate device, simple and with a clean finish. These characteristics are quite particular; they provide an ideal smart watch for the most demanding users. As for the manufacture of its complexion, it is composed of an aluminum alloy and the screen is protected by a pre-assembled tempered glass with a thickness of 0.3mm, which gives us a high resistance against impacts, scratches, abrasion and falls. Being this, the most suitable option, because its durability as well as its level of efficiency will be repeatedly tested.

To the above mentioned it is added that its belts are made with silicone, which provides greater flexibility and strength, providing an ergonomic and firm fit, an ideal combination for this type of products. It is worth noting that the Zeblaze THOR 4 has the following dimensions: 4.85 centimeters long, 1.59 centimeters wide, 4.85 centimeters thick and a weight of. 0.066 kg, resulting in a light, versatile and comfortable device, regardless of the context where it is used.

To finish, on the front we will find the speakers, and on the right side we will find a camera that is disguised, and on the sides of this camera we find the on/off button, next to this button there will be the microphone and a button to go back.

Zeblaze THOR 4: Screen

Zeblaze THOR 4

The Zeblaze THOR 4 has a touch screen of 1.39 inches with a resolution of 400 × 400, occupying 85% of the clock. A standard screen, which incorporates AMOLED technology, so we will enjoy a sublime quality in terms of visualization, especially due to the fact of AMOLED technology, which is an advantage, since it offers us a thinner and lighter glass without remove resistance or quality in its resolution, this technology consumes less energy and has a better contrast than other screens such as LCD / TFT. In addition, this type of screens is responsible for capturing our attention with more vivid and sharp colors because it prevents the leakage of light, a phenomenon that usually degrades darker colors.

Another striking feature is the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, which gives us greater resistance against shock, falls and scratches, greatly improving its durability. To conclude, the external appearance of the Zeblaze THOR 4, can change since it has more than 150 screen designs to choose from, the user can give it an extra personal touch. Only available in black.

Zeblaze THOR 4

Zeblaze THOR 4: Hardware

Zeblaze THOR 4

The Zeblaze THOR 4 shows us with its performance that has characteristics that go hand in hand with this class of terminals, but with the enormous advantage of being more compact and practical. To start with, it has a MediaTek processor, specifically the MTK6737 that works with 4 cores at a frequency of 1.1GHz, in terms of RAM memory, it has 1GB that is attached with a ROM of 16GB, which is not expandable by any method.

Zeblaze THOR 4: Operating system

Zeblaze THOR 4

The Zeblaze THOR 4 has a dynamic and versatile free operating system of Google, Android 7.0 (Nougat), which stands out because it allows you to customize Android to the maximum, which means that the user at all times can give his personal stamp, thanks to the ease of use, without leaving aside that the nature of Android remains intact and we can verify this by entering its most particular function, the Google Play store, which is highlighted with an infinity of applications to improve our experience, being some of these: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, YouTube, WhatsApp, and much more.

Zeblaze THOR 4: Wireless connections

Zeblaze THOR 4

The Zeblaze THOR 4 gives us the possibility of inserting a nano SIM card, which will be placed on the back once the security screws are removed. Thanks to this ingenious function we can have access to basic functions of a standard terminal, which allows us to receive and make calls, as well as send and receive text messages and we can even synchronize with other devices through Bluetooth connection version 4.0; reaching up to a 4G connection, without a doubt, it is a formidable device that although it is rudimentary is necessary for daily life.

The compatible bands and frequencies are the following:

  • 2G GSM: 850 (B5) / 900 (B8) / 1800 (B3) / 1900 (B2)
  • 3G WCDMA: 850 (B5)) / 1900 (B2) / 2100 (B1)
  • 4G LTE FDD: 2100 (B1) / 1900 (B2) / 1800 (B3) / 850 (B5) / 2600 (B7) / 800 (B20)

Zeblaze THOR 4: Battery

Zeblaze THOR 4

The Zeblaze THOR 4 offers us a lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 580mAh, which is removable, we can simply do this with the help of the screwdriver that is included in the purchase of this Smartwatch, which gives us the option to go for another battery and exchange them when necessary, thanks to this feature we will not run out of energy anywhere. We can charge the device in less than 2 hours in full and it lasts for more than 42 consecutive hours of use. Undoubtedly, the Chinese company thought very carefully every detail of this new device. As we can notice the battery is even higher than the Zeblaze Thor Pro and its capacity of only 500mAh and has been well received by users.

Zeblaze THOR 4: Camera

Zeblaze THOR 4

The Zeblaze THOR 4 comes equipped with a fantastic camera located on the right side, offering 5 megapixels of great quality in our photos, a great improvement of his younger brother the Zeblaze Thor Pro, in addition to having an autofocus, our moments captured with The watch will be amazing and with a quality far superior to the standard.

Zeblaze THOR 4: Functions

Zeblaze THOR 4

The Zeblaze THOR 4 has a great diversity of functions that will complement our experience, being truly beneficial both for training and for daily tasks. First we will start with the most outstanding function of the device, its integrated GPS of 28nm, which allows us to have on our wrist all kinds of routes and positioning in real time, we will have the heart rate sensor, ideal to keep a detailed record of the heartbeat, the pedometer, which allows us to accurately count the number of steps we have taken during the day, in addition to the total distance traveled, and with this information we can prepare a precise routine of exercises.

Zeblaze THOR 4

We must emphasize that it has an MP3 player and an MP4 player, which we can synchronize with our terminal via Bluetooth 4.0, without a doubt these are a couple of fantastic applications to listen to music and play videos.

Zeblaze THOR 4: Specification table

Basic information
Manufacturer’s name Zeblaze
Product name Zeblaze THOR 4
Model Smartwatch Phone
Dimensions 4,85 x 4,85 x 1,59 cm
Weight 0,066 kg
Color Negro
Size 1.39 inches
Resolution 400×400
Additional features AMOLED Technology, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection
Processor MediaTek MTK6737
Cores 4 Cores
Frequency 1GHz
ROM memory 16GB
External memory No compatible
Android 7.0 Software (Nougat) Android 7.0 (Nougat)
Type Lithium-ion polymer
Capacity 580mAh
Removable Yes
Resolution 5 megapixel
Wireless networks
WiFi Dual band: 2.4GHz / 5GHz
Bands 4G/2G/3G
Bluetooth version 4.0
Peripherals and interfaces
Slot for micro SIM cards Yes
Contents of the box 1x Zeblaze THOR 4, 1x Charging cable, 1x Screwdriver, 1x Lithium-ion polymer battery 580 mAh, 1x User manual.

Zeblaze THOR 4: Final Conclusions

In conclusion, This innovative Smartwatch without a doubt does not fall behind the other models and brands of this revolutionary market, the Zeblaze THOR 4 is a smartwatch that with all its functions and materials is ideal for the daily use of any kind of user covering the most basic needs, being perfect for any field in which you want to adapt.

Zeblaze THOR 4: Availability and price

If the Zeblaze THOR 4 has caught your attention you can buy it at the Banggood online store at a cost of $139.99 (€119.24), and alternatively, it is available on Aliexpress at the price of $147.61 (€123.87). So that you do not miss this opportunity and to make your shopping experience faster, below we will provide you with the link that will take you directly to the product page.


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