Zeblaze Plug C Review: Color LCD Makes It Outstanding

The wearables market is growing rapidly. As for 2017, it grew by 10,3% reaching 115,4 million units. According to IDC, the list is led by Apple, while the Chinese Xiaomi is the second with over 15,7 million shipped units. It is estimated to worth $25 billion by 2019. Actually, this is a very gladsome result for the Chinese manufacturers because it’s quite difficult for them to struggle against the top brands such as Apple, Samsung, Fixbit, etc. But it will be inaccurate to say Xiaomi is the only manufacturer focusing on this niche. There are myriads of smartband makers coming our way from China. And we are talking not about top brands such as Huawei. Only little people know Zeblaze. This brand is making smartwatches and smartbands. And we have to say it is in the market for a while and knows much about this market, customers, and their requirements. One of the best incarnation of those features is the Zeblaze Plug. But the company has made a few improvements and came in with a new model named the Zeblaze Plug C. Today we are going to take a closer look at this smartband.

Zeblaze Plug C

Zeblaze Plug C Appearance

Externally, the Zeblaze Plug C looks like the regular variant, but the company has replaced the single-color display with a color one. It uses a reflective color LCD that is always on and it’s readable in the sunlight. In comparison to other displays, this one has a few advantages. Say, the OLED color LCD and the TFT color LCD displays are not always on and you can’t read easily under the direct sunlight.

Zeblaze Plug C

The bands are made of high-quality TPU with attractive texture inside and outside. On the edge, it has a round clasp that gives a premium look to the product. There are no physical keys on the chassis. So, all operations are done via touch commands. On the back side of the chassis, we can find the heart rate sensor. Thanks to the curved design it is very comfortable for wearing.

Zeblaze Plug C Hardware and Performance

As we said, the Zeblaze Plug C is packed with a 0.85-inch always-on color display that comes with a resolution of 144×72 pixels. It’s reasonable to expect for a corresponding hardware to provide a smooth and stable performance and display the required information on such a screen. Apart from this, the smartband is powered by a 90mAh battery that is capable of providing up to 7 days of normal use on a single charge.

Zeblaze Plug C

Well, we can praise (or criticize) the appearance of a product for ages. But actually, what we pay for is the performance it provides. As for the Zeblaze Plug C, it has no reason to worry about when it comes to the performance. We are dealing with a fitness tracker that actually means it should come with all those apps and features found on any regular wristband.

Zeblaze Plug C

The Zeblaze Plug C supports heart rate monitoring. This is the most demanded feature on any wearable. Those who have an active lifestyle and/or do fitness, always need to monitor the fluctuations of heart rates. Many professionals even use the recorded data to analyze and understand how this or that exercise affects their health.

Like other smartbands, this one can be paired with a smartphone and send all data to it. Say, thanks to the GPS signal of the phone it is capable of measuring the movement speed, distance, and draw routes. Another feature, it has a default step target of 10.000 steps daily. So, your ‘mission’ is to reach the target to stay healthy. Of course, the Zeblaze Plug C can calculate the calories burnt, distance passed and other useful information.

This is an excellent way to monitor your sleeping. When you sleep with this smartband on your wrist, it will track your sleeping time and record data into the Waerfit 2.0 app. It can even serve you as an excellent assistant. Set alarms and the smartband will wake you up by silent vibration making the awakening process more pleasant. But what we like more is the Sleep Stages. With heart rate monitoring function, the Plug C can show the time for light sleep, deep sleep, and rapid-eye-movement sleep. Thus you can always learn about your sleep quality.

It can be synced with your phone, as we said. So the Zeblaze Plug C will notify about incoming calls, messages, and calendar alerts. Of course, it has an anti-loss function. So you will never lose your phone. Finally, this smartband allows customizing the clock interface. Choose any from many faces and look different. No need to say it comes with an IP67 rating. Thus, it is waterproof.


  • Always-on color display
  • Monitoring and tracking features
  • Stylish look


  • Small battery


Zeblaze has half a dozen of smartbands, but the Plug C is the most fashionable among them. Besides the colorful straps, it also sports a color display that displays information in a more pleasant way. The biggest selling point of this smartband is the color LCD. But it also drainages more power. That’s why the 90mAh battery operates only 7 days. However, in general, the Zeblaze Plug C is the best creation of the company and it should be at the taste of many customers.


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