Zeblaze Crystal 2: A rugged Smartwatch with an amazing design

For lovers of good taste and technology there is an extensive catalog of items designed to meet their demands, therefore, highlight devices such as smartwatches, among which we can mention the KingWear KW88, an elegant and water resistant Smartwatch, or there is also the star of this section, the Zeblaze Crystal 2, who offers us elegance, comfort and will also be a good gadget for the consumer. So if you want to know more about this amazing team, we invite you to stay with us.

Zeblaze Crystal 2

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Package content

The Zeblaze Crystal 2 follows the same line as its predecessors and presents a box under the following dimensions: 14.00 centimeters long, 10.70 centimeters wide, 3.00 centimeters high and with a weight of 0.160 kg, giving us excellent comfort. Inside you will find:

  • 1x Smartwatch Zeblaze Crystal 2
  • 1x English user manual

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Design and screen

The Zeblaze Crystal 2 is an ideal piece to combine with our clothing, without losing the concept of what you want to convey, whether it is elegance, a casual or sporty appearance, this way it is presented with a versatile style, which It stands out for a first class design, adding several points in terms of its aesthetics, which allows it to adapt to any environment, in addition we must add that this device comes in 3 versions, black, red and blue, resulting in a couple of options for the fussiest people and therefore meets all our demands.

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Design and screen

Now, with regard to the construction of the main body, it is based on stainless steel, so we will enjoy a Smartwatch that is highly resistant to dust, falls, scratches and even water, but we will go deeper into it later on. Continuing with the innovations that this device has for us, It has a strap made of TPU (Silicone), which gives us flexibility as well as a soft and comfortable feeling when using it. On the other hand, we must add that it has dimensions of 24.50 centimeters in length, 3.50 centimeters in width, 1.03 centimeters in thickness and has a weight of 0.034 kg, in addition, the usable length is: 125 – 210 mm, becoming the perfect companion for our daily life.

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Design and screen

Another interesting detail of this smartwatch is that its universal strap of 20 mm is easily removable and also does not lose its texture. As for its screen, we can mention that it is square, has LCD technology and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, excellent to avoid damage.

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Design and screen

Zeblaze Crystal 2: IP67 Certificate

The Zeblaze Crystal 2 is pleased with a design that adapts to a variety of environments and demanding situations, whether it is protecting from sweat during strenuous exercise, resistance to water, dust or falls, this is because it has IP67 certification, which allows this to be possible and ends with all concern in case of rain. Splashes or any environment in which we have to be careful.

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Rugged IP67

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Compatibility

The Zeblaze Crystal 2 does not leave behind the guidelines by which their predecessors are governed, thus maintaining the guidelines of the company, by this we mean that it is perfectly compatible with Android and IOS and this guarantees an excellent performance while enjoying the various applications that this device offers, in the same way, we can add that it automatically synchronizes with more than 200 Android and iPhone devices, throwing statistics and exercise status, which will be shown in the “WearHealth” app.

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Compatibility

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Battery

This Smartwatch has an excellent battery, since its lithium-ion polymer material and its capacity of 180mAh gives us a charge of 24 hours and can last for approximately 5 to 7 days depending on the use we give to our device, likewise, it can reach its maximum power in a short time.

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Battery

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Functions

The Zeblaze Crystal 2 is characterized by being very generous with the functions offered since these go beyond showing us the time, it also has a variety of applications to assist us in our daily lives, among which are:

  • Heart rate chart

optimize the physical condition. Get continuous, automatic and accurate monitoring of the heart rate on your wrist. During the exercise, check the heart rate chart in real time to analyze fat burning and optimize the intensity and time of exercise.

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Functions

  • Sleep monitor

It controls the quality of sleep and helps make better decisions. You can see the duration of sleep and more data in the application.

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Functions

  • Remote notifications

Check your calls, messages and date reminders on your wrist. Wake up quietly with the silent alarm.

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Functions

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Specification table

General information
Manufacturer’s Name Zeblaze
Product name Crystal 2
Model Smartwatch
Dimensions 24.50 x 3.50 x 1.03 cm
Weight 0,034 kg
Color Black, red and blue
Manufacturing materials Strap: TPU Body: Stainless steel
Shape Square
Kind LCD
Compatible Android / IOS
External memory Not compatible
Kind Lithium-ion polymer
Capacity 180mAh
Duration 5 to 7 Days
Wireless networks
Wifi Not available
Bands Not available
Bluetooth version 4.0
Standards Alarm
Sports Alarm clock, call reminder, date, message, notification of the applications, pedometer, and step count.
Box contents
  • 1x Smartwatch Zeblaze Crystal 2
  • 1x User Manual

Zeblaze Crystal 2: Where to buy it?

Currently, we can find the Zeblaze Crystal 2 on Gearbest, AliExpress and Banggood online stores for the price of $29.99 (€23.49), for that reason if you want to enjoy this beauty, do not delay in acquiring it. Then, we will leave you the purchase links in case you are interested in this Smartwatch:

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