Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch Details and Pricing Released

Zeblaze have released more details and pricing information for their Zeblaze Cosmo smartwatch.

Zeblaze, like the majority of Chinese smartwatch makers, are launching a bunch of affordable and well made wearables for those of us who like the idea of a smartwatch but don’t want to commit too much of our hard earned cash.


At the time of writing even the most affordable Android Wear watch is around 0, which is more than double the retail price of the new Zeblaze Cosmo.

Sure the Zeblaze doesn’t boast Google Now integration, but if you want a device to notify you of messages, calls and monitor your sports activity while looking good at the same time, it fits the bill.

Zeblaze state that the Cosmo smartwatch will come with a CNC machined stainless steel shock resistant body, high-quality leather strap and 1.61-inch TP3D tempered display and transparent battery cover.


Zeblaze will be launching the Cosmo later this month at a cost of only $99, which we at XiaomiToday will be reviewing for sure, so stay tuned to our website if you are interested to know more about the smartwatch or learn about our final verdict about the samartwatch.

Zeblaze have also designed their own new custom UI which they are calling “Humanistic UI”. The watch will work on up and down swipes as opposed to left and right. The UI will run on a MTK2502 CPU and Zeblaze claim that the device is also waterproof and dustproof.


No release date has been officially announced as of yet but the Zeblaze Crystal is expected to retail for $99.


While Zeblaze is one of the major manufacturers of smartwatches based out of mainland China, they have been really active in the smartwatch industry making them a really interesting manufacturer to take a look at while buying a smartwatch.



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