ZAPCOOL T108 Dual Motor 26Ah 3600W Electric Scooter offered for $1499.99

when you need to be at that important meeting, that long awaited dinner date, thanksgiving with family, and obviously a slow scooter cant make it.  That is why you need the 3600W ZAPCOOL T108 Electric scooter, which is capable of 80km / h! But that’s not all,watch out for its amazing features.

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furthermore,  it is an off-road scooter designed specifically for difficult terrain and has an extreme range of up to 90km on a single charge. It’s a scooter designed to carry 250kg , so obviously you can’t make it from scraps, especially for its off-road, extreme speed of 80km / h. At this speed, a weak structure would be life threatening. It is powered by 2 motors with a total power of 3600W, its steering wheel display and control interface with double front lamp

As The ZAPCOOL T108 Dual Motor 26Ah 3600W Electric Scooter has a visible seat, that is almost from  an engine and its weight is reflected by a loose 50kg. Nevertheless, it can be folded when needed from another angle , it comes also with an  11  size wheels with good grip on the road that can cover up to 90 km on a single charge, but note; its maximum speed is 80km / h, which means “more than recommended” protective gear both brute force is not only useful for speed because it can climb a much steeper slope than typically scooters.

Where to buy the The ZAPCOOL T108 Dual Motor 26Ah 3600W Electric Scooter

The ZAPCOOL T108 Dual Motor 26Ah 3600W Electric Scooter is available on Banggood for just $1499.99.



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