[Discounted Smart Body Scale] YUNMAI Mini 2 Balance at $42.99

Smart body scales are very popular nowadays because they use advanced technologies to measure actual body weight. But they are called ‘smart products’ not accidentally. The regular body scales provide the same information based on a traditional method, and those advanced technologies used in newer models won’t play a big role for an ordinary user. Thus there should be a trick that makes them stand out. Last year when Xiaomi launched its latest smart body scale, we took a closer a look at the BIA technology that determines the volume of a person’s total body water. Later the manufacturer came in with an improved model. It caused a huge stir around it. Even Huawei has launched an identical product. But only a few people know one of the first products using this technology was the YUNMAI Mini 2 Balance. As you can guess, this product has been made by a Xiaomi sub-brand. At this moment, this smart scale, which can be considered to be the worthy successor of the founding father of all products available in the niche, is offered at a low price tag of $42.99. No need to use a coupon or anything else, because this is a flash sale.

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YUNMAI Mini 2 Balance

As we said, the selling point of the YUNMAI Mini 2 Balance is the use of BIA analysis to estimate your body vitals. Thus it is a great choice for those who are dieting and those who are simply into fitness training. To understand how this technology works lets dive into details.

That’s not a secret a human body is composed of four main components. They are water, fat, protein, and minerals. Everyone is trying to have a moderate amount of each component for a healthy life. BIA (Bioelectrical impedance analysis) is the most practical method to measure ration between them.

The four pressure sensors send electrical currents throughout the water in the body and measures the amount of resistance (aka impedance) as it travels. But the impedance is derived from factors such as length and area. Therefore, different sizes would yield drastically different impedance values. BIA divides the body into five cylinders with different lengths and widths and analyzes them segmentally.

As a result, BIA collects up to 10 physical indexes to let you know all the percentage of your body composition: figure, weight, muscle mass, basic metabolism, bone mass, BMI, water, visceral fat level, body score, and fat rate. The collected data is displayed on an easy-to-read LED-display, which turns off quickly once you step off the scales. Therefore, the YUNMAI Mini 2 Balance will serve you for a longer time.

YUNMAI Mini 2 Balance

However, more detailed information can be seen via the app. Every time you stand on the scale and check your body weight, the data is recorded in the app. It offers various charts to help you understand what has changed during a certain time period. Plus, it stores data concerning several persons. It is connected to the phone via Bluetooth

At last, the YUNMAI Mini 2 Balance is made of tempered glass. But there are 304L stainless steel electrodes making it bathroom-friendly.


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  1. HEy could you kindly help me out in understanding whats the main difference between xiaomi smart scale 2 and the yunmai scale? All i can find is that both of them measures the same stuff and both have two separate apps. also the price is quite different.

    your help is appeciated. thanks.

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