Youngs M3 Sapphire, a smartwatch with the appearance of an athlete!

The smartwatches have broken schemes in recent years. They have become inseparable companions of many people, especially those who love adventures and sports. There is no easier way to record your physical progress, your day-to-day exercise, know your precise location, etc; than using one of these wearables. The facility is summarized in just lifting the wrist, pressing a button or the screen and you will have the information you are looking for. Best of all, some are synchronized with your smartphone so you will never miss messages or important calls. NO.1 ( NO.1 F5 ) and Lemfo have recognized brands in this niche, but this time we introduce you to Youngs; a little-known company but that manufactures simple smartwatches like the Youngs M3 Sapphire, of which we will speak in this opportunity through a review of its characteristics.

Youngs M3 Sapphire

Youngs M3 Sapphire: Design and screen

The Youngs M3 Sport Watch combines a robust look with high-quality materials. As we can see with the naked eye, the dial is typically round but rather more prominent, which gives it a great aspect of adventure and off-road. ABS material was used to make the body and polyurethane (PU) for the straps, both give great flexibility and durability. In particular, the PU material provides excellent wear resistance, breathable and anti-aging properties, while at the same time conferring a soft and comfortable use. On the other hand, it could not miss a great impermeability that gives the watch the ability to submerge it up to 100 meters deep.

As for the screen, this is of high quality to be made with sapphire glass. Also, this is a small 1.4-inch OLED panel that is operated through the buttons that the dial presents around, that is, it is not tactile.

Youngs M3 Sapphire

Youngs M3 Sapphire: Connectivity

This smartwatch only supports 2G telephone network mode and can synchronize with your smartphone through Bluetooth. This device, in particular, is compatible with a version 4.0 or higher and with terminals Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0 or higher. To connect it simply press the button on the top right of the clock for 2 seconds and you’re done. Mind you, in the first place you must have downloaded the Youngs app for smartwatches. Once all the above is done, the connection between your sports watch and your mobile will be achieved in an instant. Note that the Bluetooth will work perfectly only up to 10-15mts without obstacles.

Youngs M3 Sapphire

Youngs M3 Sapphire: Functions

Pedometer sports tracking: with the characteristics of the pedometer and the measurement of distance, it is easy to know how many steps you have taken and how far you have traveled. In addition, you can measure your caloric intake, let you know the intensity of the exercise and the physical fitness situation.

Youngs M3 Sapphire

Intelligent Event Reminder: After an event is set in the Youngs app, when it is time the M3 Sapphire will activate, emitting an alarm or vibration to remind the user. Also, the clock icon will also flash, just press any button to stop it.

Youngs M3 Sapphire

In addition to using it for an important event, you can also configure it for calls, text messages, email and messages from applications such as Facebook, Twitter, QQ, Wechat or Skype. So, no matter what the notification appears on your mobile, the watch will always alert you to vibration or sound, even when you’re training.

Remote control for your camera via Bluetooth:  in this mode the user only has to press the “A” button (right side, down) to access the camera of the phone remotely. This will allow you to capture precise moments during your sports activities or outdoor adventures.

Youngs M3 Sapphire

Other functions that this smartwatch brings are sleep monitor, alarm clock, SOS (call for help), world time, countdown timer, calendar, find a phone (phone), stopwatch, among others.

Youngs M3 Sapphire

Youngs M3 Sapphire: Battery and hardware

The Youngs M3 Sapphire is equipped with a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 210mAh that offers a long life to the watch. Likewise, it will allow you to keep it in standby mode for approximately 365 days. And once the battery runs out, what to do? No problem, although it is not rechargeable you can easily replace it.

Although it is a simple smartwatch compared to others that we have already seen, it comes with Mediatek processor accompanied by a small capacity of RAM and ROM inside. For storage, it does not exceed 512MB and RAM only operates with 256MB.

Youngs M3 Sapphire: Specifications

It includes:

Brand: Youngs
Kind of person: Unisex
Bluetooth: Version 4.0
Impermeability: Yes. Submersible up to 100mts
Call: Display of caller ID, call reminder.
Messenger service: Message reminder
Health monitor: Pedometer, calorie consumption and sleep monitor.
Compatible applications: Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Whatsapp, QQ.
Mobile search engine: Yes
Groups of alarms: Yes. Maximum 5.
Other functions: Alarm, calendar, calculator, timer.
Kind: OLED
Size: 1.4 inches
Mode of use: Press button.
Kind: Lithium polymer.
Capacity: 210mAh
Wait time Up to 365 days.
Dial shape: Round
Housing material: ABS
Belt material: Polyurethane
Compatibility: Android 4.3 or higher / iOS 7.0 or higher
Language: Multilanguage
Colors: Black with details in red, gray or blue.
Dimension of dial: 43mm
Belt dimension: 28mm
Dimension of the package: 9.00 x 9.00 x 9.00cm
Weight: 80g
Youngs M3 S phire, user manual in English.

Youngs M3 Sapphire

Youngs M3 Sapphire: Availability and price

This excellent  Youngs smartwatch is available for purchase in Gearbest at a cost of only $ 77.22 (€ 64.33) respectively. If you are interested, below we leave the direct links to the pages, so you will have an easier, more convenient and faster shopping experience.


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