Win Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum at YoShop and Get Up to 80% Discount

Usually, we come in with deals offering a gadget at a discounted price tag. All you need is to use the coupon and get your hands on a certain device at a lower price than it is sold. But as for now, we have found a great promotion page offering myriads of awesome devices at unbelievable pricing. If you are a devoted Mi fan, this deal will be at your taste and pocket. At least, you can win a Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum.

We know Xiaomi products are usually priced as low as possible. But this doesn’t prevent the manufacturer to pack them with the latest hardware in order to provide the best performance and offer a number of useful functions. But what if I say the YoShop is coming with an interesting venture offering many Xiaomi Smart Home line products at up to 80% discounted price tags. Moreover, all those buyers who make orders over $60 will be given a unique chance to win the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum. As you know, the Xiaomi Robotic Cleaner is one the most popular products of this line. So it’s a sin not to use this chance. The promotion page also showcases there are tons of gifts such as discount up to 18%, $20 coupons, 30% coupons, a Mi Band 2 costing $22.59, and many more. At last, a $50 order will automatically deduct $10. Awesome!

If you are not among those luckies who will win this prize, there is still a great Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner deal for you. This smart cleaner uses a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm to calculate the map. It is packed with a brushless DC motor delivering up to 1800Pa air pressure, a 5,200mAh 14.4V lithium-ion battery that is enough to clean up to 250 square meter area in about 2.5 hours and so on. The Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) provides a 360 degrees scanning (1800 times/second). But there are more sensors as well, and to work with those 12 ones (LDS, wall, dust bin, collision, ultrasonic radar, cliff, electronic compass, gyroscope/accelerator, drop, speedometer, and fan speed) the cleaner sports 3 dedicated processors: a quad-core processor from Allwinner, a STMicroelectronics ARM processor, and a Texas Instruments LDS image processor. There are also two brushes (the main brush and the side brush). Finally, the cleaner moves on three wheels (two wheels and the caster). This is one of the smartest cleaners in the world, and now you are given a chance to acquire it for only $297 if applying the coupon (code: YSROBOT). This is the best offer at the moment. Plus, the retailer offers free shipping worldwide and delivery time within 24 hours. Agree, great deal, but the coupon works for only 200 pieces. So hurry up not to miss the chance.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum prim

Apart of this, you can buy a HY 558A Arrow Helicopter LED for a song, $0.01 and make a great gift to your kids.


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