[Coupon] Yeelight YLYB01YL Bathroom Heater: 8 in 1 Ceiling, For Just $199

The Yeelight YLYB01YL Bathroom Heater intelligent Yuba is equipped with Japanese Nidec DC motor, high efficiency, and high torque, and the speed is up to 1500/min. The air volume can reach 240m3/h, high-quality ceramic heating film to ensure the heat of the start. 47 pieces of rear curved blades. The 165mm large wind wheel drives the whole room heat cycle and the farewell to the hot foot.

Buy Yeelight YLYB01YL Bathroom Heater For Just at $199

The Wind speed can be adjusted in three steps, and the air circulation can be completed in three minutes to eliminate the odor. the there is a Turbo storm mode, which can increase the air volume to 300m3/h, which is more convenient, and the cool air mode can also be used in summer.


In terms of intelligent operation, the MIJIA APP is now connected, and the warm air can be scheduled through the mobile phone, the warm air can be turned off for a delay, and the operation such as timing ventilation and delay ventilation can be performed. The matching operator is not a common mode of Bluetooth remote control, but with a wall switch, the eight function buttons are clear and easy to understand. Installation is also very convenient. 15W large panel light source, color rendering index greater than 80, can be stepless dimming, to meet the lighting needs of different time periods.

In addition, the host only needs to connect the zero line and the fire line. Compared with similar products, the installation is easy and labor-saving, and it satisfies most of the integrated ceilings. The specific parameters are as follows: product appearance white + gray, light source power 15W, motor power 30W, rated power 2250W, heating power 2200W, operation panel waterproof grade IPX4, body waterproof IPX2. Protections such as fuse protection, overload protection, and overheating and automatic power-off are all available.

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Where To Shop

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Buy Yeelight YLYB01YL Bathroom Heater For Just at $199


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