Xiaomi Launched Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro and Star Floor Lamp

Xiaomi has updated its smart LED lights portfolio by introducing the two new LED light models in the market. It has hit the market through its sub-brand Yeelight, which is proving to be a meritorious name for the Chinese giant. Xiaomi Yeelight launched the two smart LED light editions – Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro and Yeelight Star Floor Lamp.

As per the reports, the Start Desk Lamp Pro features a Qi wireless charging technology in its base. On the other hand, the Yeelight Star Floor Lamp includes an integrated series of LED lights and equips a simple design.

On considering the design, we get two intelligent LED models with the aluminum-made body. Further, both have veil exterior and interior with a screen to avoid the intensity of light. Ultimately, it helps to prevent eye damages erupting from the high-intensity lights.

Apple HomeKit and Mi Home Support

As long as the wireless connections are concerned, both the Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro and Star Floor Lamp supports WIFI 2.5 GHz 802.11 along with the Apple HomeKit and Mi Home. Hence, you can use the device through American and Asian firm applications.

Using these platforms, one can control the brightness, create schedules etc. to turn on/off the lights on our desired time.

Furthermore, the Star Desk Lamp Pro will reportedly support the Qi Charging Technology. It allows compatible devices with 14W power to charge the light lamp. It also ensures the 2700 – 6500 K illumination range for the relaxation and reading purposes.


Buyers will have to pay Yuan 299 for the LED light model without Qi charger in the base. Similarly, the model with Qi charging in the bottom will cost the buyers at 399 Yuan (about 50 Euros).

We didn’t get any income or add any extra price to the product. We always try to provide you with the best price available on the internet. When you buy the product we only receive the the commission as per the product.


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