The new Yeelight Smart Yuba 8 in 1 has come to the market

Xiaomi is a company that is well known for creating all kinds of products, and many of these are originally presented in the collective financing platform that this company has called Youpin. Among these products is the new Yeelight Smart Yuba 8-in-1 lamp. This new product comes from the Xiaomi ecological chain, Yeelight, which is mainly responsible for launching products for the home, such as lamps or ecological bulbs.

The new Yeelight Smart Yuba 8 in 1 has come to the market

Yeelight Smart Yuba, a lamp one of a kind

This device is basically an 8 in 1 light that is made to be placed in the bathroom and located in the ceiling. It has LED bulbs inside and also comes with a Japanese Nidec engine, which has the ability to supply air through vents. The engine of this lamp has a speed that reaches 1500rpm and the volume of air can reach 240m3 / h, which allows to heat the bathroom in just 15 minutes. Of course, depending on the environment in which it is located, the device can provide both hot and cold air to ensure that the room is brought to the right temperature.

In cold conditions, the Yeelight Smart Yuba will require only 3 minutes to heat the room to 15 °C. For heating, the device uses high quality ceramic heating plates with 47 pieces of curved rear blades and a 165mm wheel.

Yeelight Smart Yuba, a lamp one of a kind

In addition to that, this lamp has several centrifuged air vents in its front part and, thanks to this, it has an option that allows to adjust the automatic movement of the air vents, which can be modified in 3 different speeds. The motor has a useful life of 15,000 hours and has a low voltage control of 24V for greater safety. The Yeelight Smart Yuba comes in turn with several intelligent functions, such as compatibility with the MIJIA application control, the Xiao AI voice control through simple prompts, among other things.

Another this that the Yeelight Smart Yuba has, is that in the same way that it allows adjusting the speed of the fans and the air outlet, the user can also modify the brightness of the light depending on its need; this can also be done by means of the intelligent application for Smartphones with an easy handling. Also, this lamp comes with a control panel which is placed on the wall.

Source: Youpin

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