Yeelight Smart Square LED Ceiling Light offered for $129.99

Choosing the right light source is one of the important factors that make the interior space more prominent and luxurious. If you are still wondering about the selection stage, the Yeelight Square LED Ceiling Light will be an excellent suggestion for you.

Yeelight Square LED Ceiling Light

Detailed specifications:
Brand: Yeelight
Size: 500 x 500 x 113mm
Materials: SPCC, PMMA, aluminum frame
Color Temperature: 2700K-6500K (adjustable)
Daytime: 350lm-2900lm (adjustable)
Night: 1lm-60lm (adjustable)
Color indicator: Ra 95 @ 3500K
Capacity: 45W

It is no longer strange for ceiling-mounted LED versions from Yeelight brand. With its unique design, flexible lighting capability, Yeelight smart sensor application is always the top choice of light source for every space.

Yeelight Square LED Ceiling Light

Like previous versions, Yeelight Square LED Ceiling Light design is also aimed at simplicity in square white structure, ceiling, and size 500 x 500 x 113mm. That’s why users can install lights in any design space. Back color index is up to 95 for the ability to reflect on objects that are more honest and clear.

Yeelight Square LED Ceiling Light is equipped with a capacity of up to 45W and maximum brightness of 2900lm, user color temperature of 2700K-6500K can be easily customized to suit the needs and surroundings. In particular, you can completely adjust the brightness to the lowest level at night to avoid disturbing your sleep, bringing quietness and comfort. With the flexibility to adjust the light source, it will be suitable for all users’ needs such as watching movies, reading books, activities, etc. without having to use a variety of light sources as before.

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Yeelight Square LED Ceiling Light

In addition, Yeelight Square LED Ceiling Light also has the ability to connect the installed app on the smartphone so that users can easily adjust the light brightness, timer, color temperature, … wireless remote. Besides the voice control feature through intelligent Xiaomi AI speaker, Yeelight voice assistant, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT. Link to Xiaomi health bracelets for sleep monitoring in real time to automatically turn off lights when users sleep.

Yeelight Square LED Ceiling Light

Yeelight Plus ceiling light is processed from SPCC, PMMA, high-quality aluminum frame. These materials are known for their high strength, lightweight. The surface is coated with a dust-proof layer to protect the texture more elegantly and more evenly. Design of nasal lightbox to limit insect intrusion affecting the durability and lighting ability of the lamp.

Yeelight Square LED Ceiling Light

Yeelight Plus LED ceiling light is produced with 2 versions of the lightbox and hollow design, making it easy for users to choose products suitable for their needs. In the hollow design version, the light transmission ability of the lamp will be enhanced, and the lamp design is also different and more beautiful. As for the sealed structure, version is the simplicity and seamless limit of staining the light transmission line more evenly.

Where to buy Yeelight Square LED Ceiling Light?

The Yeelight Square LED Ceiling Light is available one gearbest for just
$129.99 . “Quantities limited”.


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