Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light offered for $259.00

Besides the installation and interior design, the light source is also one of the important factors to help your overall space more luxurious and refined. You are still wondering how to choose the most suitable light source for your space design, and the Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light that we introduce below will be a product not to be missed.

Detailed specifications:
Product Shape: rectangular
Product color: White
Product size: 960 x 640 x 113mm
Color Temperature: 2700K – 6500K (adjustable)
Brightness: 700lm – 6000lm (adjustable)
The indicator shows the entire lamp color: 95 @ 4000K
Capacity: 90W

Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light is the latest version of ceiling light LED from Yeelight brand. Besides simple but sophisticated design, the lamp is also equipped with smart sensor applications that promise to provide the most flexible light source for user space.

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Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light

In terms of design Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light , the manufacturer is quite focused on simplicity but equally modern. With a rectangular structure and elegant white lamp suitable for all styles of housing design with 4 soft corners. The lamp has dimensions of 960 x 640 x 113mm with a large lighting surface suitable for the space of 25-35m2. The lamp is installed through a ceiling panel with a thickness of only 0.8mm made of aluminum alloy quite solid and does not affect the aesthetics of the lamp.

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Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light

Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light is equipped with a capacity of up to 90W for brightness up to 6000lm, color temperature from 2700K-6000K can be easily adjusted to suit the needs and surroundings from warm yellow light to White light. Back color index up to 95 for the ability to reflect on objects that are honest and clear. Moreover, users can fully adjust the lighting colors as diverse as low-light light to watch movies, romantic warm light, clear reading light or light for entertainment and family activities instead of using a variety of light sources as before.

Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light

In particular, the 4-screw design is equipped with mosquito repellent to help prevent and repel mosquitoes effectively clinging to lights, affecting the lighting source and aesthetics of the lamp. Moreover, the mosquito repellent box is equipped inside to prevent mosquitoes from entering the lampshade from the connecting hole. With Yeelight Pro lights, you no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of mosquitoes clinging to lights like conventional equipment before.

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Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light

Users can fully adjust the Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light brightness, adjust the mode, color temperature, timer, … via the App installed on the smartphone. Besides the voice control feature through smart Xiaomi AI speaker devices. Dual Bluetooth + Wifi connection mode gives access to cloud computing thereby linking smart home devices in the ecosystem and implementing smart applications.

Where to buy Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light?

The Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light is available on gearbest for just


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