Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL offered for $45.99

Makeup seems to be a difficult habit for women to go to the street and appear in public. Are you having trouble with lighting in the room that is not good, causing a lot of trouble every time you need makeup. Therefore, Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL below will definitely be the perfect companion of beauty care, little sisters, every day.

Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL

Detailed specifications:
Model: YLGJ01YL
Volume: 700g
Size: 204 x 360mm
Input: 5V-1A
Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL is designed in a circular mirror with a base to serve the daily make up work of women. However, the most noticeable thing on this mirror compared to other common mirrors is that they have integrated LED lights on the mirror edge and smart sensors to enable users to use in any projection condition every morning.

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Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL

Because it is a daily used item of women, the manufacturer specially designed Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL quite compact. Specifically, with the size of 204 x 360mm and the volume of the only 700g, women can easily arrange them neatly on the dressing table without causing any problems. On the other hand, the 7inch size of the product is also quite fit to the user’s face when used.

Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL

In addition, the shaft and base parts are also made from a high-quality metal material with antioxidant and rust resistance. The sturdy round metal base design allows users to fix the mirror on the plane easily. The coupling between the mirror and shaft is quite flexible, easy to adjust up and down. The back is an embossed silicone pad with a power button and a micro USB port. You can start and adjust the brightness of the flexible light by holding down the power button, micro USB port to charge the battery as needed.

Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL also applies silver-coated technology for extremely sharp HD definition with the Ra95 color rendering index, mirror images that ensure honesty, no distortion or distortion color. Especially HD sharp mode will be focused on doubling the eye and lip parts of the user.

Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL

In addition, the Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL is also fitted with a strong protective layer, so even if the mirror accidentally breaks down, the user does not need to worry about the debris splashed like other ordinary glasses. The entire mirror surface is designed to overflow the screen to bring superiority and higher aesthetics seamlessly.

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Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL

Especially, the Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL is also integrated with LED lights with 60 lamp beads arranged around the edge of energy saving lamps and especially supporting users in low light conditions. The light source for a warm light source is almost the same as the natural light source for the most comfortable and gentle feeling when users use it. You can easily customize 3 different flexible lighting modes according to your needs.

Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL

Infrared detection sensor is also equipped on Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL, specifically, the lamp will light when you use the mirror and automatically turn off when detecting that you are not using it with a sensing distance less than 30cm. Battery capacity 2000mAh users can use within 7-8 days without recharging the conditions of use of 20 minutes per day.

Where to buy Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL?

The Yeelight Makeup Mirror YLGJ01YL is available on gearbest for just $45.99.


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