Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro, the new Smart Lamp from Xiaomi and Yeelight

The largest ceiling lamp of Xiaomi with insect protection.

Xiaomi has been offering its range of products for the home for a long time. Each of them focuses on providing a unique experience in comfort and health, with the aim of making consumers feel as comfortable as possible in their homes. This time Xiaomi in conjunction with Yeelight, a company with which they have worked for years in the development of lamps, have created a new version of a ceiling lamp. This is the new Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro and has just been launched on Xiaomi Youpin.

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro, the new smart lamp from Xiaomi and Yeelight

The largest in the Yeelight family

In comparison to the other lamps developed by these two companies, this will be distinguished by its large size. With dimensions of 960x640mm, we can install Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro in a space whose area occupies 35m2. Its design consists of a frame made with aluminum alignment, and its back panel has a thickness of 0.8mm. So it is not at all a robust product but on the contrary; very light, minimalist and elegant.

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro, the largest lamp in Xiaomi and Yeelight

As if that were not enough, the lamp is covered by a shield that prevents the accumulation of insects inside. With this, he certainly deserves many points. In addition, thanks to its great power of 90W, it offers up to 6000 Lumen of brightness. We can easily adjust brightness as well and create the perfect color temperature.

This Yeelight Pro LED ceiling lamp has a color rendering index (CRI) of 95, which allows it to show a high degree of color hue.

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro size and dimensions

Smart functions

To create the perfect environment for every occasion, the Smart Yeelight LED accepts voice commands. Through the assistant Xiao Ai, Alexa, or Google Assistant, you can indicate the type of lighting you want. The lamp has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity that make it fully compatible with Mi Home and Yeelight applications. Something that is very common in Xiaomi products for the home.

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro

So, by means of a Smartphone, it will be possible to control the brightness intensity, the color temperature, and even its hue. We can change the intensity from 2800K to 6500K, a light power that we never been seen in any other Yeelight product.

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro

Where and when can we buy the Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro?

This lamp will go on sale officially on July 30 at an approximate price of $ 121. For those residing in China, the installation will be free.

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro China


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