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XIDU, a Young Brand Brings Incredible Yoga PhilBook Max to Hit the Laptop Market

There are increasing computer producers springing up in the market recent years,while a newcomer, XIDU , has attracted people’s attention especially the computer geeks’. The XIDU is a China laptop manufacturer newly set up, but it has already launched two outstanding products including an 11.6’’ Yoga PhilBook and a 12.5’’ Tour laptop. Although the XIDU is a young brand, to consumer’s amazing, the performance of these two devices are even more excellent than some well- known brands’. Furthermore, the first resource says the XIDU is going to release a more powerful model, the PhilBook Max, in the early 2019. What features will this new creative PC bring to the users? The following analysis answers.

XIDU Philbook Max

14.1’’ FHD Multi-touch Screen & Narrow Edge Display:

Compared to the latest 11.6’’ PhilBook , the upgraded PhilBook Max equips a larger 14.1’’ FHD IPS screen. Besides the real, smooth, vivid colors, 720p video camera, and the 4.9mm extremely narrow edge display, what matters is that this screen is a multi-touch one! Which means you can use the PhilBook Max like a smartphone opening the broadly intelligent world with fingertips touching. It is really a great feature for an emerging brand to reach this height, since, after all, most main style laptops in the market are still untouchable and the operating actions have to rely on the physical mouse and keyboard. But now, get rid of them to lead interactive and
immersive experience.

Philbook Max features multi-touch screen and narrow edge display

Two-in-one Yoga Laptop, 360°Rotation:

The XIDU PhilBook Max has advanced Yoga design. It is a combination of laptop and tablet by 360°rotation around the hinge anytime and anywhere. This incredible two-in-one design indeed offers users different requirements on the various scenes on the same time, so that users can switch between a business notebook and a leisure tablet freely.

Philbook Max suits various using scenario

Metal Cover While Light Body:

For the appearance, the XIDU PhilBook Max carries a metal cover with tough frame lines. The deep space gray painting not only signifies mature business image, but shows generous fashion meanwhile. Although it is metal PC, the weight and thickness of this device are pretty astonishing, which are only 1.39kg and 16.4mm respectively. Due to “light” and “thin” are the most essential conditions for people to choose a laptop for easy carrying, this device may satisfy demands.

The metal cover with tough frame lines of Philbook Max

Backlight Keyboard:

Moreover, to satisfy further using demands and prevent typing fatigue at night, the PhilBook Max is installed with backlit keyboard in suitable key distance. The white LED inserted in the keyboard will light up the buttons for clearer night vision, which provides precise lightness to avoid light leaking, reflecting, or even sight interference. It is quite convenient for those users who often deal with transactions at night.

Backlight keyboard with suitable key distance

Maximum to 2.5GHz Processor:

The Max version can be regarded as an improved artwork of the PhilBook. XIDU updates the 4GB+64GB storage to massive 6GB+128GB of PhilBook Max, realizing smoother and faster multi-thread processing. It’s well known that a win-win cooperation makes the result double successful, so does the PhilBook Max. This model boasts of starting up within seconds, ultra fast file storage and read speed. Those are all due to the strong cooperation of the 14nm process, dual core Intel CPU at up to 2.5GHz burst frequency and the 128GB solid-state-disk. It seems that the battery has extremely long life when it collaborates with this power efficient processor.

Based on the above configuration, how do you think of this XIDU Yoga laptop and tablet PhilBook Max? Waiting for its announcement in March.


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