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Xiaoyan Introduces New Smart Home Wall Switch and Gateway

Xiaomi is known and loved not only for top-end smartphones at the best price. The perfectly balanced and affordable eco-system of smart home from Xiaomi is able to greatly facilitate your life and save time. High technology makes our life even easier and more comfortable. Youpin crowdfunding platform immediately presents two devices from the creators of the Xiaoyan smart home system: the FireWire Wall Switch and the Family Center gateway.

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Xiaoyan Zero FireWire Wall Switch

The Xiaoyan Zero FireWire Wall Switch is capable of controlling four lights. All buttons support single, double and long press. The functions for the keys can be configured in the APP application on your smartphone. The switch allows you not only to control the light in your entire apartment, but also to set up different lighting scenarios:
– one click activates the “good night”
mode . We went to sleep, and the light in the house is still on – turn off all the lighting with one touch.
– double press for the “reading mode”.
Love to read before bedtime – two presses leave only the bedside lamp on.
– a long press activates the “standby mode”
If you are leaving home, hold down the switch button for a few seconds. The system will automatically turn off the lights after you leave.


Appearance Xiaoyan Wall Switch is stylish and elegant. The dimensions of the device are compact – 86 mm by 86 mm. Each button has a built-in LED that displays the status of the switch in real time. The soft light of the indicator will always help you find the switch in the dark. The ideal place for a smart switch is near the bed or in the hallway. Installation is simple and does not require wiring changes. 
Six color combinations will be a decoration for your home: moonlight white, gold, pink, turquoise blue, dark gray, jade black.

Intelligent Voice Control

Command the light with the “gateway” of the Xiaoyan Family Center smart home or smart stations. It supports HomePod, Tmall Genie, Xiaodu, Ruoqi, Alexa, Google Home, etc. Through the APP application or the WeChat Mini program, you can always remotely check the lighting status in the apartment, and turn on / off the light if necessary. A significant advantage of the Xiaoyan switch is its compatibility with the HomeKit smart home system.


 Xiaoyan Family Center smart home gateway

“But what about when you turn off the Internet?” -you ask. – “After all, a smart home hibernates!” And here it is time to tell more about the second device from Xiaoyan – the “gateway” or “hub” of the Family Center. And dispel all your doubts about the performance of a smart home. Thanks to the ZigBee 3.0 wireless connection, the Family Center gateway is able to communicate with all eco-system devices in normal mode. Even when you turn off the Internet, you can enjoy all the benefits of a wireless switch and other smart devices in your home.
The Xiaoyan Family Center Gateway receives, processes, and translates your commands and instructions into smart device instructions. With it, you can carry out voice and remote control of smart devices, exchange data with devices in real time, and also monitor your home environment.

Large coverage area

The simple and compact appearance of the Family Center adapts to any interior of your home. It is controlled from a smartphone through the APP application or WeChat Mini. Set up a cozy home environment with just a few taps.
The gateway supports 300 m2 wireless coverage and provides stable support for 80 to 100 devices. The ZigBee communication standard allows the gateway to be in standby mode most of the time, which significantly saves energy consumption. Thanks to high-quality electronic components and carefully developed software algorithms, stable performance and high response speed are maintained (the transition time to fully active mode is less than 15 milliseconds).


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