The new Xiaoxun Children Smartwatch S2 has been launched

Xiaomi is a company with many sub-brands under its sleeve, one of these that belongs to its ecological chain is called Xiaoxun Technology, which has a great track record with the manufacture of different devices for children, one of those are smart watches, now have laced on new Xiaoxun Children Smartwatch S2. It could be considered that this device is a fairly improved version of the Children Smartwatch S1.

The well-known Xiaomi Children Smartwatch S1 was launched in early August last year. Because it is starting again with the classes, Xiaomi decided to launch an improved version of this device. This watch has an introductory price of 299 yuan ($44).

The new Xiaoxun Children Smartwatch S2 has been launched

Features of the Xiaoxun Children Smartwatch S2

To learn more about this device, it should be noted that the Xiaoxun Children Smartwatch S2 comes with a 1.3-inch marking interface, which is protected by a curved 2.5D glass that was imported from Japan. Regarding the design of his belt, Xiaoxun decided to make it a color that manages to contrast the macarons to attract more children. As for the duration of its battery, it has a quite large capacity, counting on 730mAh with what is offered up to 7 days and 9 hours of conversation.

The connectivity options offered by this watch include China Beidou and a GPS system. It has a Nano SIM tray, a USB port and built-in Wi-Fi. This device also has artificial intelligence, obtaining options such as translating texts, singing songs, reciting poetry and even chatting. It also has a camera that has a sensor that helps the precision at the time of taking the picture. Parents can also control the Smartwatch through the remote control functions offered by their camera, they can take the photos remotely if they wish.

Features of the Xiaoxun Children Smartwatch S2

This Smartwatch uses a high quality conventional mobile phone antenna (LDS antenna), which provides a stable signal and manages to reduce any interference. With regard to its security, it must be said that it offers the user an option that allows to call one of the guardians of the phone book or by pressing the SOS button in case of an emergency. You can also create a group chat through WeChat. This is a device that is ideal for any child, as it not only has great security, but also offers games and lots of fun.

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