Xiaowa Plus E352 Robotic Cleaner Offered at $309.99 [Coupon]

Roborock is a smart home products maker that has become quite popular when designed the second generation robotic vacuum cleaner for Xiaomi. Later, it enlarged its assortment of a smart vacuum cleaner. And now there are a number of products worth our attention. One of them is the Roborock Xiaowa Plus, which is also called the Roborock Xiaowa E52. It’s the lightened variant of the original black version of the Roborock Sweep One. Thus, we are dealing with a smart home appliance that will do the cleaning work for you. And you only have to pay $309.99.

Xiaowa Plus E352

We have already managed to see a couple of smart vacuum cleaners from this series. Besides the original Xiaowa Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, there is also the Youth Edition, which is offered at $265.79. In this sense, the Xiaowa Plus can be considered to be the enhanced variant of the original model.

As usual, any smart vacuum cleaner has a few key features you should pay attention to when buying. First, it’s the number and types of sensors that the cleaner comes with. Our protagonist uses a dual-gyroscope internal navigation system that collaborates with high-precision optical motion tracking sensors and others to provide real-time path planning. The high-precision Japanese Epson and German six-axis Bosch dual-gyroscope system reduces the effect of perception error. The gyroscopes sense all changes to the cleaner’s angle and adjust the body to clean methodically.

Xiaowa Plus E352

Moreover, the Xiaowa Plus is equipped with dual-lased as well as LED sensors that collect data from the ground and input into a digital signal processor to compare the front and back images. This helps the cleaner to calculate its direction. So it can smartly identify the areas in the room that have been cleaned before and avoid them.

Shortly, there are up to 13 types of sensors that not only correct the robot’s movement but also help in more efficient cleaning.

Of course, the Xiaowa Plus supports automatic recharge function. So when it is discharged, the robot will go to the charger, get charged to 80% and return to the position where it stopped the sweeping.

Xiaowa Plus E352

The Xiaowa Plus supports strong suction of 2000Pa. Due to the side brush, vertical roller brush, and other 3D cleaning systems, it can easily absorb floating dirt, dust, hair, and so on. Moreover, it comes with a plant-inspired wet mopping system that provides a simultaneous sweeping and mopping.

As for the rest of the key features, the Xiaowa Plus can detect furniture and avoid them, pass obstacles with 2cm height, avoid a collision, supports virtual wall mode, sports a 5200mAh large battery and a 640ml dust box, and finally, it can be controlled remotely from your phone.

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