Phones, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches, ergonomic clothes, a range of products for home, etc. it seems that in a very short time there will be no sector that Xiaomi has not covered. We already know the fame of this company and why it makes tremble the technological brands that dominate the market. But surely many will wonder where this successful company comes from, how it came to be what it is now and how it has developed over time. That is why today we are going to present a brief summary with some of the most important events through these 8 years of Xiaomi’s History.

2010: Xiaomi’s journey begins

Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by a team of seven brilliant men aged between 30 and 40 years, as we can see, an average a little more advanced than the age among the founders. This is because, between them, there were already people with years of experience, since some of them had already participated in the founding of other companies or had been recognized as true talents in global technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Motorola, and others.

Xiaomi's History-2010

2011: The arrival of the Xiaomi Mi 1

In May 2011, Lei Jun managed to make the first call with the first smartphone manufactured by Xiaomi. This event was an unforgettable moment for all those who were part of the company, and it would totally mark the history of Smartphones in the country, since Xiaomi entered completely altering China’s smartphone market with a signature price of 1999 ¥.

Xiaomi's History-2011

2012: Mi Pop Festival

The first Mi Pop Festival was held in April 2012 in Beijing, China. No artist was invited to the party, since the purpose of it was the integration and celebration of those involved in the company; By the way, one of the most respected dancers was a talented founder of the company.

Xiaomi's History - Mi Pop 2012

This year the Chinese manufacturer sold 7.2 million devices.

2013: The Redmi series reaches the market

In July 2013, the first smartphone of the Redmi series was born. During that time, more than 9 Million Mi Fans pre-ordered the smartphone through Qzone (social networking website created by Tencent in 2005).

Xiaomi's History 2013

This device managed to increase the sales figure remarkably, getting 18.7 million units sold.

2014: The creation of the Ecosystem Mi

In 2014, the Ecosystem Mi began to show a remarkable result. The company was leading certain headlines with the launch of articles such as the Mi Band, Mi Air Purifier and other impressive gadgets of Mi series. How many Mi gadgets do you have now?

Xiaomi's History-Ecosystem-2014

This was how Xiaomi managed to surpass 61 million smartphones sold and closed this year being the most valuable startup in the world with a value of 46,000 million dollars.

2015: A dinner for the fans

The main dinner event of Xiaomi has become one of the most important for many China’s residents. It has a meaning of meeting and fraternization among all the participants. Therefore, all the loyal fans of Mi will be invited to the headquarters, and a dinner will be held together with all the members of the company at the end of the year.

Xiaomi's History dinner 2015

All travel and consumption expenses were fully covered by Xiaomi. All fans could also take this opportunity to send their comments directly to Xiaomi.

2016: The arrival of the Xiaomi Mi MIX

On October 26th, the Mi MIX was officially presented, surprising the world with its innovative design without bevels. Even the Mi MIX has been collected by the Design Museum in Finland, as it represents the first example of the future of smartphones.

Xiaomi's History Mi Mix 2016

2017: Another Good Year

This year was opened in Shenzhen China, one of the largest Mi Home stores in the entire company. It is a huge two-floor store with 650 square meter, designed by Eight Inc. With the integration of its unique sales model, e-commerce platform, and logistics system, Xiaomi demonstrated a completely new ecosystem. Which was never seen before in the area of business. It’s a completely new way of marketing that probably will still take some time to understand how it works.

Shortly before the end of the year, Xiaomi’s devices arrived at European lands and the commotion was immediate. The advertising strategy leaned for the Black Friday offers with the Xiaomi smartphones fever just for 1 dollar, which worked to cause the impact that the brand expected.

Xiaomi's History 2017

Finally, Xiaomi was confronted in a legal dispute over the Xiaomi Mi Pad model and its resemblance to Apple’s iPad. In this case, the brand Mi Pad was forbidding due to its “similarity” to its counterpart. The final verdict determinate that the device has to be renamed for its sale in the European market. What makes note the fear of the big brands for its eastern competition.

What does Xiaomi have in store for 2018?

Xiaomi is just an 8-year-old company and looking back over this period of time there are several incredible achievements. But like any excellent company, there is always something to improve. Xiaomi says thanks to all its members, workers and followers, as each one has put their grain of sand for this successful company to be what it is today.

“Thank you all for being part of this spectacular trip and fasten your belts, because in 2018 we go with everything.”

This year has raised the possibility of landing in the United States with Huaweii, making agreements with telephone companies. On the other side,  the alliance between Xiaomi and Facebook was announced at CES, for the manufacture of the upcoming Oculus Go virtual reality glasses. At this point, it is said that Xiaomi could be valued this year at over $ 100 billion.

Xiaomi's History 2018 Now

Each year, Xiaomi will post 100,000 postcards to thank their Mi Fans in China for their support, dedication, and passion. Some lucky Mi Fans could even receive a postcard written and signed by CEO Lei Jun or the co-founders. It is a simple way to thank the love and trust they have always shown.

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