Xiaomi ZMI Charger: A smart device with dual USB port

The Chinese company, Xiaomi, does not miss any detail and puts a lot of effort with every smart item that launches into the market, in this case, the ovation goes to the Powerbanks, where the Xiaomi ZMI Powerbank stand out, but the protagonist of this article is the Xiaomi ZMI Charger, ideal for use in any space where you need it, be at home, in your office or car. If it’s what you are looking for, we invite you to stay with us to know all its details.

Xiaomi ZMI Charger

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: Package Content

The Xiaomi ZMI Charger comes in a small and light package, which has a simple white color style, accounting for the following dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 15cm and has a weight of 0.1kg, also, inside we will find everything necessary for the use of this beauty:

  •  Xiaomi ZMI Charger
  • USB cable (port type C, 1 meter)
  • Plug adapter (optional, according to your country)
  • User’s Manual

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: Package Content

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: Design

The Xiaomi ZMI Charger maintains the parameters of the company without losing its minimalist design, which always gives them a sophisticated look without the need for some ornament to stand out, being ideal for any environment and it is available in color white, emphasizing a simple style, shaping as an ideal accessory for any place, either in the comfort of our home or at work and this is because it will not attract much attention, going unnoticed most of the time.

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: Design

The construction materials used in the charger are: plastic, an affordable material on the market, the highlight is in the cable lining which protects the cores from the folds and tangles, providing durability and resistance.

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: Design

At first glance, we see the robust body that adopts rounded corners for great security, it also offers us an anti-spill casing with premium components that will protect the device against scratches, bumps, and falls. In addition, it has 2 USB ports, a 95 cm cable with USB Type-C plug or a Micro USB depending on the model and 2 pins, the latter can rotate 90 degrees.

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: Design

Finally, we can mention that it has the following dimensions: 5.20 x 4.60 x 2.80 cm and a weight of 62 grams, so this is a really small equipment, which is also foldable and lightweight.

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: Power

Now, it is time to know the capacity that this charger provides us. The Xiaomi ZMI Charger has charging inputs of 100-240V/50-60Hz or 0.5A, as well as Dual USB outputs of 5V 2.5A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A/3.6A or 18W, this model charges your devices more constantly and faster.

The new ZMI charger is a plug & play device, which will allow you to put the charger to work in less than 1 minute. Its 2 USB ports allow us to provide charge to 2 devices simultaneously, it also has protection against short circuits and high temperatures, keeping your device safe all the time.

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: Power

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: Features

Finally, this charger is a Smart device, since it provides us with a series of unique features that definitely make us see appreciate the quality of the product, among them we have:

  • Intelligently recognize devices, supports Android, iOS and other smart devices.
  • Each port supports QC 3.0 enabled devices

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: Features

  • It adopts multiple high-quality chips, including PI chip and Fitipower chip, among others.
  • It guarantees a high-efficiency charge while providing 8 layers of security.

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: FeaturesXiaomi ZMI charger: Technical details

Basic information
Brand: Xiaomi
Kind: Charger / Adapter
Dimensions: 5.20 x 4.60 x 2.80 cm
Weight: 62 grams
Interface: USB Type C or Micro USB
Color: White
Package content
Includes: 1x Xiaomi ZMI Charger, 1x USB Cable (C-type port, 1 meter), 1x Plug adapter (optional, according to your country), 1x User manual.

Xiaomi ZMI Charger: Where to buy it?

Currently, we can find the Xiaomi ZMI Charger on the Aliexpress and Gearbest online stores for a price of €9.94 ($11.65). Now, we will leave you the purchase links in case you are interested in this incredible device:

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