Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger Review: Charge upto four batteries at once

Xiaomi as always being Xiaomi, never seize to amaze its followers by manufacturing different gadgets for its fans. All the gadgets from Xiaomi are made keeping customers need in mind, and Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger is no exception. When you enter the market, it will be really hard to find a good battery charger, and the charger which is available comes bearing high price tags. With Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger, once again Xiaomi unveil a must-have device for anyone who needs to recharge batteries continually

The Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger comes with 4-port charging option and is manufacture by Xiaomi sub-brand – ZMI. Charging nickel batteries in the form factor-AA and especially AAA happens quite often with everyone. Batteries are constantly take into use in Numerous consoles, autonomous nightlights, children’s toys, shavers etc. And this makes Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger a must-have gadget for a non-bulky and simple charger on hand.

The Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger is quite similar to its predecessor, which was coming with a set of AA batteries. However, this model has a significant difference- the older model can also be used as a power bank. This model is rather simple and can only charge batteries.


The package arrives in a nice white box, not striking, and most of the part cover with gray printing.

Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger

Behind the packaging, you can see the device specification. Well, there is some kind of Chinese mathematics also written- for charging AA batteries the maximum current of up to 550 mA x 4 is announced. However, that is more than 2.2 A at the input, while 5B 1A is explicitly shown in the line above. We think that this is the maximum current for each slot. For AAA batteries a more credible current is indicated – 225 mA * 4 = 0.9 A. The rest of the 10% current can be considered as a loss for the working of the charger itself.
Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger

Contents of delivery:

You will get a short USB – micro USB cable, similar to the ones you get with power bank and the charger itself. Everything is simple here.Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger

The charger comes with an ergonomic design which makes it quite compact. There is space for 4 AA batteries and a little long space for insides.
Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger


The device is an example of what we can call as minimalist and practical. The Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger comes in white color and is very compact. You can easily carry it inside your pocket or backpack.Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger

On the top, there’s a micro USB port for charging the batteries. The device gets its looks from its predecessor, it still have full-size USB for the power bank and a mode switch.
Xiaomi ZMI Battery ChargerBattery slots come with a cove of the translucent matte lid. Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger

The charging compartment comes with four independents slots for the installation of nickel batteries AA and AAA. You can also install batteries in any order you want. Input voltage measures to be 5V and current – up to 1A. This is evenly distributed among the batteries to charge it properly.

Device operation:

As we have already mentioned the Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger can charge up to 4 elements РAA  batteries.
Xiaomi ZMI Battery ChargerYou can also charge AAA batteries or a combination of random.
Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger

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We measure the voltage on the slot while charging. Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger

The current consumption during charging – about 1 A. As we mentioned earlier it reduces as the battery gets charged up.Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger

The charging indicator of the Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger is rather simple and in the form of white LEDs. When the LEDs are flickering it indicates charging is in progress. When it’s shining smoothly charging is over.
Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger


First thing first, the Xiaomi ZMI Battery Charger is very compact. The device is really meant for people who need to keep many devices with them as like a photographer. The device can charge all sorts of battery like AAA, AA. Another convenient feature of the device includes its ability to use a standard micro USB connector for charging. Now you can charge your batteries without occupying an additional outlet. Moreover, the battery charger is available at an inexpensive price of $12.40 from gearbest.


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