Xiaomi Zhimi, the new Smart Electric Heater is here!

We know that Xiaomi has a catalog of products that covers lifestyle, fashion, and smart home devices. One of the factors that allowed Xiaomi to increase the number of products is its crowdfunding platform, a couple of days ago, the Xiaomi Zhimi arrived, a new smart electric heater launched under this platform, this device for the home can be the faithful ally to combat the cold of these times, maintaining your home warm and pleasant.

The Xiaomi Zhimi heats rooms up to 20 square meters

The Xiaomi Zhimi heats rooms up to 20 square meters

The Xiaomi Zhimi is a smart heater, it has a compact size and is easy to use, among its basic functions it can heat rooms from 10 to 20 square meters, it is able to increase the temperature of the room constantly and uniformly, without making any kind of annoying noise, avoiding interruptions during bedtime.

The heat produced by this device doesn’t reduce the humidity of the environment, managing to avoid problems of dehydration, dry eyes, headache or respiratory problems, which are produced for low levels of humidity in the environment.

The smart electric heater Xiaomi Zhimi produces heat through a convection process, where the cold air is extracted from the bottom, heated to the temperature that is programmed, and then being expelled from the top.

The Xiaomi Zhimi is able to connect to the WiFi network

The Xiaomi Zhimi is able to connect to the WiFi network

The heater can also be controlled by means of a mobile application so you do not have to approach the heater every time you want to configure it. This works by means of a connection to the WiFi network, granting points in favor and giving this device an advantage in comparison with other heaters, because it can be remotely controlled easily, which means, we can activate it just before arriving home with a single click, and if you know how to speak Chinese you can control the device by voice commands, interacting with XiaoAI, which is the IA assistant of Xiaomi.

The temperature produced by the Xiaomi Zhimi can vary from 16 ° to 32 ° Celsius, the heater makes sure not to overheat the room, thanks to the inclusion of two internal thermostats that control the temperature of the room at all times.

This new heater from Xiaomi is available at a price of $56.94 (€50), it is expected that it will soon be available for sale in web stores.

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  1. Hi There… Anyone knows if the heater os allready avaiable for purchase or if not when it Will bem avaiable??? Thanks for the help

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