Xiaomi ZHIBAI HL3 fast hair dryer offered for $52.14

Do you realize that heat agent such as dryers easily damage our hair. But in case of need to dry hair quickly, it seems that drying is an option that cannot be further optimized. In such a context, the fast-drying hair dryer ZHIBAI HL3 has been launched to help you quickly dry your hair without damaging your hair.

Product specifications ZHIBAI HL3 Express hair dryer

Model: HL3
Size: 123 x 73 x 240mm (without nozzle)
166 x 73 x 240mm (with nozzle)
Volume: 476g
Input voltage: 220V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated capacity: 1800W


Fast hair dryer ZHIBAI HL3 is a standard salon hair care device for users. Produced by the brand ZHIBAI, a brand that is well known for its class of care products.

The ZHIBAI HL3 dryer has an extremely compact design, similar to an iPad Mini with a diameter of only 35mm. Meanwhile, the 476g volume of the device is even lighter than the volume of a 550ml water bottle. This shows how compact the device is. Therefore, you can completely remove the dryer in a bag, suitcase to take with you during your long trips or work.


In the overall case of the dryer, the manufacturer carefully painted the exterior with a double coating through the UV coating process. Thanks to that, the machine has extremely good anti-fouling and scratch-resistant properties. At the same time, it has a great hand-held feeling and high-end aesthetic for users.


In the position of the dryer handle, there are two control buttons that regulate the amount of heat on the device. With the long button underneath, you can adjust the mode of operation of the flexible machine back and forth between the heat-drying mode (symbol II) and the thermostatic drying (symbol O). With the round button above, you can adjust the operation of the machine to the cold-drying mechanism to keep the hair after drying.


To be able to create a drying device with a rated capacity of 1800W, the manufacturer has applied a DC motor from Japan to be the main electric motor. This motor is capable of operating with torque up to 7.85mN.m, and the rotation speed can reach 18000 rpm. Thanks to that, the machine creates a very strong air flow, as well as providing a stable and safe wind source for users.


In addition to high-performance engines, the dryer ZHIBAI HL3 also has a system of 6 bionic wind turbines. Thanks to the flexible design of the impeller, the wing has the ability to reduce air resistance and combine with DC motors to generate wind flow of up to 1.6m 3 / min and provide over 10 million negative ions for hair care. Thereby, your hair is always maintained in a sleek, fluffy and attractive state like being cared for at professional hair salons.

In fact, in order to achieve such a smoothing effect, the role of 10 million negative ions from the machine is undeniable. This type of charge can reduce the accumulation of static electricity in the hair. Thereby helping your hair get rid of sticky, curly hair, and tighten pores in hair follicles and increase your hair’s toughness.


In addition, in the structure of the dryer, there is a design of impedance coil consisting of 23 alloy wires tightly wound and arranged according to extremely creative pattern patterns. Thanks to the structure of this impedance coil, the heat source in the machine is more evenly distributed while the blowing air is strong and does not damage the hair.


At the dryer turbine head, the manufacturer carefully designed a tight linear grid system that reduces the noise emitted by the engine. Thereby limiting to the utmost discomfort caused by the sound created by the machine. Meanwhile, there is also a honeycomb metal net at the end of the bionic fan system to protect the safety of internal components.

Where to buy Xiaomi ZHIBAI HL3 fast hair dryer?

The Xiaomi ZHIBAI HL3 fast hair dryer is available on gearbest for just


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