Xiaomi Zhibai Dehumidifier Review

Make Your Home Disease-Free and Smarter

It’s fact that in each corner of your house, there exists humid air, sometimes in a large quantity, that may produce bacteria and germs, causing many diseases like respiratory illness, asthma, pneumonia, eczema, skin diseases, arthritis and so on. If you think your bedroom, kitchen, living room, office are too humid, it’s time you would consider a dehumidifier. And, here comes the dehumidifier from Xioami. We are going to describe its specifications and give the Xioami Zhibai Dehumidifier review to help you decide if you want to buy it or not.

Xiaomi Zhibai Dehumidifier Review

Generally, an adult breathes up to 20000 times a day. So, the quality of the air that we breathe has a great importance. If anyone ignores this fact and continues in breathing humid air, he/she might have the above-mentioned diseases, especially the people who do fewer exercises.

The Zhibai Air Dehumidifier is designed to absorb moisture from enclosed damp areas and maintain the balance of humidity in the air. It will help you get rid of the annoying dull weather and offer you healthy dry air.

The air inlet of the dehumidifier draws the moist air into it, by the heat exchanger condenses it into water droplets and then, drops the water into the water tank. Finally, the processed dry air is blown out of the air outlet of the machine.

Lightweight and Compact Design

The Xiaomi Zhibai Dehumidifier comes in a portable and minimalistic design. You can really place this smart machine anywhere in the house according to your comfort because of the portability. It is ideal for your bedroom, basement office and so on to improve your health and quality of life. The lightweight body allows you to move it any corner of the house very easily without much effort.

The design is simple, compact, practical and looks classic. It can cover a large volume of air. It is perfect dehumidifier for rooms with areas between 10-30 sq. meters.

Low Noise

The dehumidifier is designed in a structure to reduce shock and noise. It serves a comfortable operating environment for you. Because of its internal structure, the machine creates less sound which lets you enjoy your sleeping and working without any disturbance.

LCD Display

At the top of the dehumidifier, there is an LCD display. Its purpose is to show you the current working status of the machine. You can check it any time you want.

Touch Panel

The dehumidifier is fully touch operated. There are no unnecessary buttons to make it complex. And you don’t have to be a genius to control the machine. It’s as easy as it gets. The dehumidifier is quite easy to operate and adjust.

Timing Function

There is an amazing feature in the dehumidifier called timing function.  It’s similar to set timers if you don’t know. Sometimes, you may feel that it is not a good idea to use the dehumidifier all the time. You can use the timing function and set them on and off time. In this way, according to your set up time, the machine will operate during the off-peak hours only. You can change the configuration anytime and bring it to the default mode when needed.

Water Rank Design

When the water tank of the dehumidifier becomes full, neither you have to check it every hour nor press any shut button. The dehumidifier has an automatic stop design. When the water tank is full, It will actually stop automatically. It has a tank capacity of 1.8 L

Clothes Drying

A byproduct advantage of the dehumidifier is drying clothes. If it’s not sunny outside, but you need the dry clothes as soon as possible, you don’t have to worry now, the dehumidifier is here. It extracts moisture from the air and blows the dry warm wind outside which removes moisture from clothing quickly. The days of long periods of wet clothing are done.

Strong Power and High Stability

The Zhibai dehumidifier has an efficient construction. It has two rotor turbo processor which are industrial grade to dehumidify effectively. The motor speed is 900rpm. This generates strong power and stability.

It has less power consumption, runs on minimum electricity, saves energy.

The machine has a double straight line heat exchanger which is designed with a U-shaped threaded-inside copper tube, the reason for a large dehumidification area. It has smooth hydrophilic aluminum foil fin of 0.01 mm which is used to collect moisture in moist air effectively to dehumidify quickly. The work efficiency of this Xiaomi product is high. It can control the humidity of air across four seasons consistently.

Constant Humidity Design

The dehumidifier has this unique feature of the intelligent design of keeping the humidity constant. In this feature, you can set the ideal humidity according to the comfortable environment. In the machine, there is a highly sensitive internal humidity sensor which can detect indoor humidity automatically. Then, it determines if the compressor should continue working. Based on this measurement, the dehumidifier acts.

This reflex of the dehumidifier based on the results of sensors is either of the two types-

Automatic shutdown: The compressor will shut down and stop dehumidifying automatically. It happens when the indoor humidity is less than the set humidity.

Automatic working: The compressor will start working and continue dehumidifying automatically. It happens when the indoor humidity is more than the set humidity.

Double Filtration Design

The machine has an amazing design of double filtration which is when dehumidifying, it also works as a dust remover which gives it more flexibility and makes the machine more practical.

What you might not like

The dehumidifier is made for a small area of 10-30 sq. meter. If you want to control the moisture of a whole house or a medium flat by one dehumidifier, this is not the right one for you. It can easily cover two rooms though.

Summing up

The Zhibai dehumidifier efficiently does what it’s designed to do. If you want a dehumidifier for covering two or three rooms, this is an ideal machine for you. If it meets up your demands, you should buy this dehumidifier. We strongly recommend this one for you.

Of course, the decision is yours. We just tried to state you the features and give you the Xiaomi Zhibai dehumidifier review to make your decision process easier. Best of luck.


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