Xiaomi Zero Intelligent Video Doorbell Offered at $59.99

Xiaomi has enlarged its smart home products range recently by launching the Xiaomi Zero Intelligent Video Doorbell. This is quite a useful product that makes your home more secure. In addition to the smart door lock that is going to hit the market in a couple of days, the Xiaomi Doorbell is a great device to turn your home into your castle.

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The Xiaomi Zero Intelligent Video Doorbell comes with tons of advantages. Say, it can automatically detect door abnormality. It is equipped with a custom PIR human body sensor. There is also a Zero MotionClips detection shooting function. All these help you know who is at the door before the guest pushes the ring button. When someone is within 3 meters outside the door, it immediately starts shooting a short video and sends a notification to your smartphone.

Xiaomi Zero Intelligent Video Doorbell

The Xiaomi Zero Intelligent Video Doorbell can accurately identify your family members and strangers due to the Xiaomi AI face recognition technology. It will distinguish your family members and tell about them in the notification. Thus, you can be informed who is at the door without looking at the picture.

There is another amazing feature. When the child is alone home, you can not only take over the direct video conversation with the visitors outside the door but also set the Xiao AI speaker to ring the doorbell message, promptly reminding the baby not to open the door to strangers.

Xiaomi Zero Intelligent Video Doorbell

The Xiaomi Zero Intelligent Video Doorbell is also useful for girls, who are along home. It supports voice-changing intercom. When there are strangers such as take-outs and express delivery, just enter the smartphone intercom mode and use the special function called ‘SafeSound’. Turn it on. Once done, the girl’s voice will be immediately turned into an uncle’s voice.

In the endurance performance, the Xiaomi Zero Intelligent Video Doorbell uses a low-power design, and the 4-cell battery can achieve a long-term battery life of 6 months. The secret of power saving lies in the zero-fast FastWake wake-up function. When the doorbell is triggered, the doorbell quickly starts shooting and completes the video upload, and quickly enters the low power mode.


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