Xiaomi Zajia Smart Tap Review: A Smart Infrared Induction Water Saving Device

Some time ago I saw for the first time the smart tap that was advertised under the Zajia brand, belonging to the Xiaomi ecosystem, which, although it is not entirely correct to call it only Xiaomi, most people know it (as the vast majority of products of the ecosystem) as belonging to the Xiaomi brand.

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This is a device that I found useful at first sight and, in principle, I think I was not wrong about it. Here you have the review and the opinion I have about this device that is not as smart as one can imagine, but it works quite well. If you are interested, you can buy the tap normally in Geekbuying with a price of $18.99 after using the following coupon. Remember, it has a time limit, so we suggest you hurry.


IPX6 isolation
6-month battery life
Simple installation (includes tools)
Different heads for the atomizer
Dual sensor (side and bottom)
Charge via microUSB


At first glance, we have a device with a rectangular shape that is installed in the atomizer of our tap, it has the part that is left in the rounded front, so we see a good aesthetic, all built with plastic, but of an apparent great hardness and quality.

The device looks robust by weight and all well coupled giving a fairly tight impression. As for the aspect it offers, I have no complaints about it and knowing that it has electronics inside, it makes a good impression.

If we look in detail, we have, as I say a rectangle that is placed in the final part of our faucet, includes different couplings that will allow us to use it in almost all the faucets of the market, in my case, of the two with metallic finish, One of them was the one that fit perfectly in the kitchen faucet.

As for the device, we have in the upper part a small hole that is where it fits with the coupling that goes to the tap and where the water will drop when it opens, looking at the sides, we have on one side (the one that will normally be at the left facing it) the USB charger, covered with a rubber closure to prevent splashing water, and, on the other side (the right), we have the side sensor, which will permanently open the tap so that it does not close even Let’s not have our hands in front of it.

Looking at the bottom, we have the atomizer that is where the water will come out, as well as the lower sensor, which detects us when we put our hand under it and thus open the tap while detecting that presence when we remove our hands, it will cut water.


As I said before, once installed, the operation is simple. It is only necessary to leave the normal tap of our tap open so that this device is responsible for opening or closing the passage of water. In my house, the pressure comes with force and I have not seen that I had problems to open or close the tap, so no one (or almost anyone) should have problems with this issue.

As for the way to open the tap, we have two ways to do it, if we pass our hand through the side sensor (it is not necessary to touch, with 1-3 cm distance already detects us), the tap will remain open (for example if we want to fill the battery or a pot, etc etc …), while if what we want is to wash our hands, we just have to put our hands under the tap and turn on alone, we have to get used to how to use it, because at the beginning it is possible that the water is cut off, but, once you take the measurement to the sensor, it works perfectly.

To avoid water overflows, in the case by accident, something touches the side sensor, the tap will cut off the water after 3 minutes since we gave it, although, at all times we can turn it off by passing the hand forward again.


As for the battery that is included, according to the manufacturer Zajia, around 6 months of use, which, I imagine that the first time, because it is the novelty we use the tap more times than normal, so that time will be reduced , but, I have had it for 1 full month of use and I have not seen any signs that the battery is giving warnings of no charge, so I imagine that several months if we have them guaranteed and, for charging, with any microUSB will have it recharged without much work.

As for this issue, even if it lasted half of what the manufacturer says, it would seem reasonable, if it really reached 6 months, it would be to have a 10 in this aspect.


I bought it as a whim thinking that it would not be so practical, but, I think I was wrong, cooking is quite useful, especially when you take the dirty hands of a batter, you want to add water to some food, etc. Do not stain the tap as normally happens or, you do not have to leave the tap open to use the water, so you spend less.

Of course, after the benefits, these are the “hits” that I found of this smart tap, although, they are not at all exclusive. On the one hand, you have to get used to using it and know that it activates itself, so when you are going to leave something on the stack of dishes (if you put it in the kitchen) you should be careful that it does not activate when you do not expect it.

Because Your life will pass in front of your eyes thinking that you are mutilating your arm, until you realize that it is water that you notice, in addition, that it can splash water if you go with a large surface such as a plate or similar. On the other hand, it is a big tad (6 x 3.4 x 4.9 cm), so depending on the tap you have, it could make the water outlet a little low.

Buy Xiaomi Zajia Smart Tap For Only $18.99 

Coupon: 3LTYWN3K

If you are interested, currently, we can buy the Xiaomi Zajia Smart Tap at geekbuying with a price of $18.99 after using the following coupon that currently works. But like any offer, it has a time limit, so we suggest you hurry.


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