Xiaomi shares important data about its actions after the IPO

The most influential Chinese company of the moment, Xiaomi, is in an expansion campaign around the world, one of its most acclaimed openings, it’s is second Mi Store in Mexico, but despite this success, the manufacturer has released important information about its shares in the stock market and how the company finds itself, and we must say that they are not at their best right now, although one of the investors of the brand has managed to improve its figures exponentially. That is why today we invite you to stay in this section and learn about this news.

Xiaomi Mexico

Xiaomi shares have fallen 43% after the IPO

Shares in the Chinese giant’s stock market have been reduced by 43% after the IPO, for its acronym in English (Initial Public Offering). Despite the drop suffered by the Asian manufacturer, there is a shareholder who instead of losing monetarily, got a very promising result, we are talking about the Russian investor, Yuri Milner, who against all odds, remains in good condition with Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Yuri Milner

Yuri Milner has 4.99% of the company’s shares

The brand announced that last year, before the IPO was released, the investor, Yuri Milner, invested a millionaire sum of $457 million, a considerable amount, which, today, has improved exponentially, translating into a total of $1.8 billion that are distributed among the shareholders of Milner Apoletto Fund. So far it is known that Milner, at least tripled his initial investment and an HKEx document, it was also revealed that the investor owns 4.99% of the shares traded in Xiaomi, and on January 9 of this year, Apoletto Fund distributed 3.5% of these shares among its investors, although it is unknown whether they have chosen to sell them.

Xiaomi extends the period of blocking its shares for 1 more year

The president of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, together with his finance director, Zhou, came to the conclusion of extending the period of blocking the shares for another year, a strategy that was applied previously and it did not generate good results, since there was a 6 month lock-out time and at the end, many investors sold their shares hastily, accelerating the fall of the brand shares. A relevant fact is that the Chinese company, before leaving the stock market, had a total of 26.3 billion dollars in shares, which, to date, would be around 15.1 billion dollars in case none was sold.

Xiaomi Lei Jun


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