Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply: Incredible and comfortable device for exercise

With the great evolution that humanity has witnessed throughout history, it has brought with it a radical change to the way in which our ancestors lived, and even more so in the last decades, since for no one is it a secret that the current lifestyle could be considered mostly sedentary and of little physical effort, where we probably spend hours sitting in front of a computer screen, leaving aside a very important aspect of human needs; physical exercise. That is why the prestigious company Xiaomi took a step forward with this issue, launching the Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply, which guarantees intense exercise in the areas of the hand, wrist and arm, with the comfort of its lightweight structure and a small size.

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply: Box

The box is made of brown cardboard, and inside we can find:

    • 1x Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply
    • 1x Strap to protect the device
  • 1x User Manual in Chinese

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply: Design

In this device we find quite resistant construction materials, zinc alloy in the internal part of the accessory, externally it is constituted mainly of polycarbonate, resulting in a small and compact structure pleasing to the eye thanks to the transparent finish that allows the visibility of the LED lights without the need of some kind of electrical energy since they are lit by a gyroscopic and analogous mechanism, which is determined by the movement and speed of rotation exerted by the carrier of the Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply.

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply: Dimensions

    • Model: YMGB-Z701
    • Size: 70 mm high, 70 mm wide and 55 mm thick
  • Weight: 270g

Thanks to the features that exist in the Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply this can be considered as a fully portable device that allows you to exercise at any time of the day and anywhere. Its benefits are exceptional since it effectively relieves the pain of the wrist, avoids the “mouse hand”, exercises the muscles of the arm and also works as an excellent stress reliever thanks to its continuous rotary movement. As already mentioned, the main function is to exercise the arm muscles, but it is quite interesting that it also allows us to lower the levels of stress, since it is not given adequate care to the damage that these levels can cause, creating an excess of stress in our daily lives. So we will have a very versatile device capable of solving different problems in a simple and easy rotary movement.

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply: Mechanical power

The centrifugal force generated by the interaction exerted by the device carrier maintains the high velocity of the center of the sphere in a constantly fluid and very silent movement that provides a pleasant experience of exercise throughout the process of its use.

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply: Core

Internally the device is constituted by a core of zinc alloy, this being a very resistant material that ensures its durability and provides with it a moderate weight and high stability of movement that makes it really comfortable for the continuous use and routine of training. In addition, the structure has been optimized to be smoother, less noisy and easy to use.

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply: LED lights

In this section we will talk about the lights that have this device, the Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply has inside LED lights with the special feature of turning on thanks to the analog rotation movement that changes with the speed of the internal core of the rotor. It is very eye-catching to observe how the lights increase in speed accompanying the movement exerted by the carrier of the device, encouraging greater exercise.

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply: Special strap

As mentioned in the section on the internal contents of the box, the device includes a special strap that allows it not to be ejected due to excessive force at the time of use. This is specially designed so that the user is not affected or for the prevention of accidental events in the environment where the Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply is used.

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply: How to use it

To put into operation the Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply, this has a built-in elastic in the core, which requires a simple push movement easily applicable, the intensity can be controlled depending on the user, to enjoy exercise and entertainment.

Note: The manufacturer Xiaomi recommends not using any part of the body to stop the high-speed rotation of the ball; It is recommended to wear clothes or let the ball stop naturally.

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply: Final Conclusions

With all the previously exposed in each of the sections of this accessory, it is important to highlight the resistance and finishes with which its entire external and internal structure is built since this same positively influences the final experience that, as a user, you want to obtain. So, if you want an article of excellence that significantly improves the quality of your movements thanks to the daily stimulation, provided by exercises of easy realization, which keep you fit and healthy, we guarantee that the Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply will be your best acquisition for this purpose.

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply

Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply: Availability and price

We can now purchase the compact, incredible and versatile exercise accessory Xiaomi Yunmai Power Supply, for an affordable cost of $21.18 (€18.86) on the Gearbest online store and $25.29 (€21.92) on the Banggood website. We also have a direct link to the Aliexpress online store where you can buy for $16.64 (€14.42). At this time both websites have a discount available for this product.

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