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A keyboard is an important device for working with either computers or laptops. Xiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 is a new kind of keyboard come from Xiaomi which are already reputed for producing electrical equipment. This is a mechanical keyboard which is very nice to look at and also has a large number of features which are very essential for using the keyboard more easily and comfortably. Two colors are available for this keyboard; one is black and another is white for which it looks standard and gorgeous. The keys of this keyboard are also very comfortable to work with and very elegant in design.

Xiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 ReviewXiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 Review


After ordering the product, normally the seller sends it in a packet which may be closely fitted. So, in that time it is needed for a user to open the box and take the keyboard to see is it fully or not? A user can easily open the box by just removing the tape by which the box is closed or can use a knife or a scissor to open the box.

What is inside the box

By opening the box the user may firstly find a nice wire keycap puller which is not usually present on the other keyboard. Then the user will also find a white braided USB type C cable, a command keycap and the keyboard also with a nice dust cover.


The design of this keyboard so elegant that everybody will always chooses this product.  This is a very nice looking keyboard. It has two colors one is black and another is white so any user will accept the color. It is a keyboard which is an aluminum keyboard.  The design of this aluminum pieces are structured so nicely and its finishing is also excellent. Its sharp corners and edges are also nicely rounded. The bottom side made of rubber which ensures a better reflex. Its surface is very smooth and clean that a user can write or do the other tasks very conveniently.


Keycaps is an important equipment of a keyboard. The keycap of Xiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 is made of ABS plastics so it will never fade away. Usually, it is always seen that after using a keyboard for sometimes the keycaps are faded away and even sometimes the letter or work whichever is written ion the cap, which cannot read completely. This causes a problem to the user and for this, the user needs to change the keyboard for which the user needs to pay another extra cost. But this keycaps solve this problem and also give better writing scope for the user.

Key switches

The key switch of Xiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 is an original cherry red switch which is a very advanced version and also ensures better performance. The stabs are decent as well, besides the spacebar, which has some pretty bad rattle. Always the stabs ruining keyboards, but a user can shove some lube in there if the user wants. On the contrary, it has a negative side which is it is quite difficult to use it in the quiet environment as in times of using it gives too many harsh sounds.

BacklightingXiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 Review

It has a feature which is backlighting. For this, a user gets backlight from the keyboard which ensures light facility. So, it can be said that even in the dark area a user can easily work through it.


The layout of this keyboard also makes it more comfortable and user-friendly. If the layout of a keyboard is not quite easy to use for the user so it can be very difficult for the user to work with that keyboard. Xiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 has 87 keys which also follows a compact layout. In that perspective, it can be said that a user will get more satisfaction by using this keyboard and can also work through very easily.


The USB cable can be easily connected to Xiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 as it has the port by which a user can connect to a USB cable. As nowadays USB cables are highly used, so it is needed in almost every time. In that view, a user can also take this facility.

Cable length

The length of the cable is also an important concern for a keyboard. If the cable is too short, then the user needs to work with it in a fixed position and distance which sometimes occur problem to the user. But, Cable of Xiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 keyboard’s cable is 1.6M. So by using this length, a user can easily work from the most convenient position and distance.

Supported systems

Every keyboard does not support in every system. So, the system in which this keyboard supports is also a concern. Xiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 keyboard support both windows and also for macOS. But it supports only win10.

Dust Cover

Xiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 keyboard does not absorb dust in its body so a user can work more cleanly with it.


To work with a product whose height, width is not properly calculated is very disgusting also difficult. But, the dimension which is maintained by Xiaomi Yuemi Pro Mk02 are properly done which ensures a better outlook and also makes more comfort the user.


The price is always a major concern for a product. If the budget which the user normally expects fails, then the user may not show the encouragement to buy that product. The price of Xiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 keyboards price is comparatively higher than a normally made keyboard. But you have to always think that this is a mechanically made keyboard with a large number of extensive features.

What we don’t like

The main problem of this keyboard is with its key switches. Although he stabs are done decently, besides the spacebars, there is some bad rattle which may occur problems. Another is its price which is pretty unaffordable or more specifics out of hand of most of the customers.


Xiaomi Yuemi Pro MK02 is mechanical which has an extensive amount of features. Its design is so elegant that most of the users will grab the opportunity to buy the product. It is made of ABS plastic which ensures better comfort and also makes sure that it will not fade too quickly. Two colors are available for this keyboard; one is black and another is white for which it looks standard and gorgeous. Although its price is quite expensive, still its feature will encourage the customer to buy this product.


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