Xiaomi Youpin VH Portable Handhold Fan Offered for $12.49: Cool Yourself Everywhere

The spring of this year has come to an end, leaving behind many memories and a cool climate that embraced us gently in the mornings, little by little opening the way to summer, the hot holiday season of the year. Summer is great, but the summer heat can be suffocating and in some countries even unbearable. However, like every year, summer will always be around the corner to give us a warm greeting; therefore, Xiaomi has been in charge of giving us an excellent gadget to mitigate the heat, and this is the Xiaomi Youpin VH.

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A device like the Xiaomi Youpin VH is ideal for traveling to warm countries, the Caribbean, some paradisiacal island, on the sunny beaches of the warm sea of ??the south or in any other place where the temperature is not tolerable or simply stay at home enjoying the summer . As proof, we have used the fan in different places of our daily life, among them, we had the opportunity to use it in the subway, the office, the cars and many other places.

Xiaomi Youpin VH Analysis: Packaging

The Xiaomi Youpin VH  comes inside its respective cardboard packaging, which has the following dimensions: 18.20 x 9.10 x 4.85 cm , and has an approximate weight of 143 g . However, while the package was transported suffered serious damage, however, the content did not suffer any deterioration and remained intact before the blow. Inside we can find:

  • 1 x Xiaomi Youpin VH Fan
  • 1 x Base
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Box

Xiaomi develops this mini fan as one of their usual household items. As a company of varied catalog, it takes advantage of this area as part of its public financing where they develop all kinds of products for modern homes.

Xiaomi Youpin VH Analysis: Design and appearance

In our case, we opted for a light blue model , which has a fairly simple design, without any ornamentation or unnecessary relief (the typical minimalist style of Xiaomi brand products). The rotor blades are protected behind a typical fan grille, which protects both from a blow and our fingers from being hurt.

The length of the handle of the device is short but easy to hold by hand and at the end closest to the blades has a single button whose function is the on / off fan. Although it seems lightweight, the Xiaomi Youpin VH is strong and durable.

The handle of the fan, like the whole structure of the same, is made  of PC + ABS material, this is a super resistant material, the plastic that uses is the best in the market and almost unbreakable, giving it lightness and strength. Ergonomically the handle is designed to be comfortable when holding it.

One of the best things about the Xiaomi Youpin VH includes its manufacturing material. The plastic body of the fan is of high quality, all parts are glued and are unbreakable. Even if we try to press the parts of the lattice, they bend slightly, without breaking the protection of the fan. In addition, the lattice is so safe that it does not allow you to put a finger between them, so even a child can use the fan without risk of injury.

On the back of the handle, there is the charging connector and the LED light . When it is blue it means that the fan is active, when it is charging the light turns red and when the device is fully charged, it lights green.

In the lower part of the handle we will find a lace rubber that simulates the light blue color of the fan, once removed the anchor hole will be exposed , which will allow a precise adjustment with its base.

The Xiaomi Youpin VH mini fan comes with a portable stand, which converts it from a portable fan to a fixed fan. The support is quite stable on flat surfaces, either to place it on the kitchen counter, the dining table, the computer desk or on the night table to sleep more peacefully with a refreshing breeze on the face.

The bottom of the base comes with an anti-slip adhesive that provides the friction needed to control the fan while it is in its holder.

Xiaomi Youpin VH Analysis: Aspas

This seven-bladed fan was designed to provide greater efficiency when dragging air through the blades and ejecting it evenly, very pleasantly. The engineers behind the Xiaomi Youpin VH thought of everything when they designed it, the blades are made of the same tough plastic helmet for greater durability and reliability of the product.

Look how plastic protects you and your loved ones from the blades and how it is almost impossible to break the grilles by their thickness and how the blades are towards the back of the fan make it even safer.

Xiaomi Youpin VH Analysis: Battery

Something very important of Xiaomi Youpin VH  is that it has its own integrated  lithium-ion battery, whichcan be charged in any USB port, without the need to buy external batteries that generate so much pollution and an additional expense. In addition, the capacity of the battery is  2000 mAh , giving it a long service time.

Xiaomi Youpin VH Analysis: Performance

At work, the Xiaomi Youpin VH  comes with three “speeds” which are regulated by means of its single button. Each speed differs in power and, consequently, the force of the air flow equals 1.4W / 2.5W / 4W respectively. To regulate the speed of the air flow, all you have to do is press the button once to turn it on at the lowest speed, once more to take it to the second speed and a third time to bring it to the highest speed. If you press the button for the fourth time you can turn off the fan. However, if you leave the button pressed for more than two seconds the fan will turn off no matter what speed you are at.

If you are worried that lower speeds will not help you with the heat or the noise of the fan tormenting you, do not worry because the air flow of the Xiaomi mini VH fan is excellent and you can feel the air comfortably holding it with your hand at a distance of 40 centimeters, and at a distance of approximately 80 cm you can feel the same force of wind when using your second speed. Even at the highest speed, the noise stays at 30db. We will not say that this device is silent, since the sound is evident and especially in the third speed, but even for very sensitive ears it is not something that stuns or torments.

Xiaomi Youpin VH Analysis: Disassembly and testing

Then, we could not resist and we decided to disassemble that wonderful little product, we leveraged it in its break and we broke the fixation, which allowed us to see directly the battery that is assembled inside the handle of the fan.

We could not disassemble the motor of the device since it is all stuck, so below we will show you digitally the motor images without blades.

For the test, we completely depleted the ventilator battery and charged it again. We also added a voltage tester and obtained the following test data:

After doing all the necessary experiments the mini fan Xiaomi Youpin VH  threw that the operating time is going to depend on the speed at which it works on that as we mentioned before, they can be speed 1, 2 or 3. For the speed 1 the results gave 6 hours of work , for speed 2, resulted in 2 hours with 40 minutes of work and for speed 3, only 2 hours of work . We also noticed that, while the fan is working and we connect it to charge, the speed in each mode increases by 20%. This can be excellent if you are near any source of energy. You can directly connect the device to charge and enjoy a better air flow.

Xiaomi Youpin VH Analysis: Conclusions

The Xiaomi Youpin VH mini fan is an excellent device to obtain a piece of personal comfort of great quality. The device is quite durable and at the same time light, it is very comfortable and safe for both adults and children, unless, of course, try to push your fingers through the protective elements. However, naturally it is not dangerous or insecure.

The duration of the work of the battery is quite right to the specifications of the product, although slightly lower than those claimed, but in the same way it is very good. The portable base is very convenient and allows you to use the fan at all times without having to hold it with your hand. Also, since the fan is quite economical and comes in several colors, you can simply combine them or buy one for each member of the family and there is no confusion about which fan belongs to whom. In general, this is an excellent device for those who live in hot places.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Versatile


  • Something noisy
  • The battery is not so durable

Xiaomi Youpin VH Analysis: Availability and Price

After having met the Xiaomi Youpin VH mini fan, we hope you have been convinced to acquire it. If you are thinking, what is the  price of  this product and where can I  buy it ? We invite you to the Gearbest online  store , where you can buy it for only  $ 12.49 (€ 11.10) . To make your shopping experience easier and faster, below we will leave the direct link to the product page. Do not forget to check the links for new offers and discounts!



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