Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Review: 3 second to get the water needed

Instant Heating Water Dispenser

In this review, we are going to share our great experience with you about the Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Instant Heating Water Dispenser. Everybody wants to manage to have a tasty breakfast in the morning. However, not always we have much time for breakfast. Xiaomi company introduced Youpin S2101 Instant Heating Water Dispenser to save your time and help to prepare your morning coffee or tea in a just 3 seconds. Moreover, this product will help you in your workplace too. There are always such situations when you are late from the meeting and don’t have time to have a coffee. Now, with the help of Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser, you will be able to make your tea/coffee during just a couple of minutes and take it with you wherever you want.



Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser: Design and Appearance

The Xiaomi Youpin S2101 water dispenser can easily replace the kettle, as it heats the water to 100 degrees in just over 3 seconds! And everything is achieved thanks to a special design, which consists of two parts: an internal spiral tube, which is made of stainless steel, grade 304, and also of an external heating element. It is extremely simple the principle of operation of the device: to heat water, just select the desired temperature with the button and turn on the device. The panel has a choice of 6 buttons with modes: room temperature, 55 ° C, 70 ° C, 85 ° C, 95 ° C and 100 ° C.

The available volume of heating is 1.8 liters, and the compartment has an alarm about the absence of water and the safety of the device. The design philosophy of Xiaomi Youpin 2101 water dispenser is very clear: minimalism, cleanliness, and ease of use. It is very nice and does not occupy much space in the room. The dimensions of the product are 328 x 136 x 280 mm, weight 2 kg, and power 2200 watts. The design is similar to an ordinary electric kettle or coffee maker machine, but with more effective functionalities.

The modern appearance also ensures that the “instantaneous water heater” can be installed in almost every kitchen – it also helps keep the device too busy. The 1.8 gadget with a capacity of 1.8 now delivers the desired water temperature after only 3 seconds. As shown in the image below, we can control the temperature (exactly to the power of 6) with a dial switch that is maximized to 100 Celsius.


It is worth noting that due to the physical parameters of the device, we can place glasses up to 200 mm below the nose.
According to the distributor, the product only comes with a Chinese language manual, but since all functions are performed with a single button, we believe that this is not a burning problem.

Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser: Main technical characteristics

  • kettle with the function of instant water heating to the desired temperature;
  • 1.8-liter water tank, removable, made of food hypoallergenic plastic;
  • 2200 watt stainless steel heating element;
  • instant water heating to a predetermined temperature of 55, 70, 85, 95 or 100 ° ?;
  • water supply without heating (room temperature);
  • the choice of the volume of water poured 250 ml. (short press of a button) or 500 ml. (pressing the button for 2 seconds) for one time;
  • automatic control of the water level in the tank (in case of insufficient water level, the pump and the heating element are turned off, and the control button starts to illuminate with orange light);
  • automatic control of the need for cleaning the heating element from scale and dirt (next to the control knob a red indicator lights up, it is necessary to fill the tank with water with citric acid and start the cleaning process by pressing a button);
  • the height of the cup or thermos for filling with water up to 20 cm;
  • Illumination of the place to install the cup;
  • 220-volt mains supply;
  • the length of the power cord 1 meter;
  • size 33 x 28 x 14 cm;
  • weight 2.0 kg.

Let’s go further and discuss the characteristics in details.

Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser: Match different sizes of cups.


Having up to 200mm height space Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser will allow you to place any type of the cup/container. In our opinion, it is a great design for the people who need to take with them their coffee/tea or just water. Sometimes, in this busy world, we don’t even have time to enjoy our coffee sitting around the table. However, now when you can place containers of different size in this water dispenser, you can avoid this problem. For instance, especially in winter cold days I always take with me a container with tea. Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser facilitates that process for me letting to make a hot tea for three seconds.

Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser: Comes with six different types of temperature


There are some drinks which need to be made in a certain type of temperature. Besides that, some people do not like hot coffee or tea. Little children have not enough patience, and in most cases can hurt themselves with boiled water.
I am happy to tell you that Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Instant Heating Water Dispenser can provide the user with six different types of temperatures for each beverage. So, there is no need to wait for getting cooler water.

Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser: Double heating structure design

Moreover, apart from being equipped with six -stage water temperature setting, the Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Instant Heating Water Dispenser accepts internal and external double heating structure design. Please note that the outer layer of the heating body is made from food grade quartz tube and the inner layer comes with a 304 stainless steel electric heating tube. The product is powered with a spiral pipe which allows water to be heated very quickly. Also note, the double heating is rejected due to its flow path.

Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser: Water shortage reminder and Descaling reminder

One of the other useful features of the Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Instant Heating Water Dispenser is the availability of an reminder- alarm. The product is packed with an alarm, that will let you know the water level in a container. When the volume of the water is insufficient lower than normal, the heating water dispenser will stop working. Parallel to it, an orange light will automatically turn on, to remind you that the water limit reaches a safe point.

Xiaomi Youpin S2101 security

Descaling reminder
Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Instant Heating Water Dispenser is powered with another interesting reminder too. It is a decalcification mode. Please note that after using this Xiaomi heater 1500 times, the descaling indicator will turn on automatically. So the users have to place the appropriate amount of citric acid in the water dispenser and then press the button on the remote control by entering the descaling mode.

Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser: Several security modes

When it comes to safety, it is very important to discuss all cases.
The Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Instant Heating Water Dispenser looks like a simple water heater. However, it is not far behind the security issues. Don’t worry, Xiaomi takes care of that possibly issues too.
First, it has a double thermostat, which is going to take care of reaching the desired temperature for the user without exceeding it, thus avoiding reaching very high temperatures. Also, and along with this, is the protection against overheating of both the water and the heater itself, thus avoiding possible problems. Also, it can warn when the device runs out of the water, so the user will not have to worry if their internal mechanism suffers damage due to lack of liquids.


Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser: Easy to use

Although the Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser has many features, it is designed very simply. The interface is user-friendly, and you can hit the water very quickly. Just press the button for turning on the dispenser. Spin the button to choose your needed temperature, then just one press and after 3 seconds the heated water is ready.


Xiaomi Youpin S2101 Water Dispenser: Conclusion


Overall, we are very pleased with the product. The manufacturer and we confidently claim that the product have all the necessary protection: dry, double thermostat, double NTC and protection against overheating. Special attention is paid to the fact that we have a special reminder of descaling, but also when there is not enough water in the container. The design works with electronic heating pipes made of 304 stainless steel. Stylish and versatile Xiaomi Youpin 2101 also offers other attractive looks (high-quality interior, compact size, water temperature adjustment in several stages, etc.), and you can present it as a gift, as well as its practicality.

Your questions and comments as always are welcome!

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