The new Xiaomi Youpin Mechanical Arm goes on sale

Today, the Chinese company launched a new support for laptops, which serves for placing the laptop at the desired angle and position, while browsing or playing online, without causing any discomfort, the Xiaomi Youpin Mechanical Arm is the ideal assistant to work at home or in the office.

A new support that allows to have the laptop at an adequate distance

The new Xiaomi Youpin Mechanical Arm goes on sale

This support can offer us a great convenience, let’s take as an example the people who work as graphic designers, they spend a lot of time and effort in front of a screen editing and elaborating a design, requiring to feel comfortable in their work environment. Xiaomi not only thought about them but all the workers that need a support that provides the greatest comfort at the time of work in front of the monitor, thus emerging the idea of creating a support for this task.

The Xiaomi Youpin Mechanical Arm can rotate about 360 °

The Xiaomi Youpin Mechanical Arm can rotate about 360 °

This support can help us lift the laptop with one hand to a height of 41 cm, graduating it to the height that we feel most comfortable, the best is that it can turn on itself up to about 306 ° degrees, this way we can work with no inconvenience, either seated or standing.

It is manufactured by Lege Ergonomics Technology Co., it was made with the best materials, such as a combination of aluminum and ABS plastic, to provide the user with high-quality durability.

The Mechanical Arm for laptop Xiaomi Youpin can hold laptops from 10 to 17 inches, supporting up to 7 kg. It is available in China at a price of $86.16 (€76), it is estimated that this price will increase as it can be seen in virtual stores that ship worldwide, such as AliExpress or GearBest.

Source: Xiaomi4mi

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