Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: A product that will allow us to make all the smoothies we want

Xiaomi always tries to be at the forefront in order to offer us the largest number of appliances products to facilitate our daily tasks, manufacturing items that stand out for their innovation as well as their quality, delivering durable products, an example of this is the Xiaomi MSW1 36S Fast Clean Cold Pressing Juicer, a juice extractor with great features. With this in mind, we present on this occasion a recent release, the Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer, a product that will allow us to prepare all the smoothies we want.

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Package

The Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer comes in a box with a simple design whose main function will be to keep our product safe at all times. This package has the following dimensions: 9.50 x 9.50 x 20.00cm and has a weight of 0.520 kg, so it will not generate higher costs in the shipment and within it, we will find the following items:

  • 1 x Xiaomi Youpin Juice Beater
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x User’s manual

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Design

The Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer was designed with a minimalist style that projects an elegant and compact image, which is presented with the following dimensions: 8.55 x 8.55 x 18.78 cm and a weight of 0.495 kg, so we are talking about a light product. This mixer is divided into 2 parts, the cup, and the lid, both have a magnificent style and next to them, we have an incredibly powerful engine.

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Design

Now, it is manufactured with the highest quality materials, with a cup made of borosilicate glass, which is a crystal with a high coefficient of expansion that allows it to have a great resistance to thermal change. It provides us with a capacity of 400ml, just as it gives it a great strength against bumps and scratches. One aspect that stands out is its blades and this is because they are made of 304L stainless steel, being resistant to corrosion.

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Design

Its lid is made of thermoplastic polymer, which is ideal for this equipment because it is food grade. Another aspect is that it has a LED indicator to keep you informed of the state of the battery. It also has a non-slip silicone to avoid overturning the cup, and finally, it has magnetic contact to maximize its load.

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Motor

This mixer has a light engine with a power equivalent to 200W, which generates enough RPM to crush the fruits or vegetables that we want, it should be noted that the time of grinding will depend on the density of the food. With this feature in mind, the manufacturer knew well that it should back up this equipment with firm stainless steel blades, strong and at the same time resistant, so that they do not wear easily with daily use.

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Motor

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Method of use

The Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer was designed in order to give us the ability to make smoothies and even some types of sauce. If we want it, it is not necessary to pour liquids such as water or milk so you can crush everything, just put the fruits or vegetables already peeled and cut. Now, let’s talk about how easy it is to use, first of all, put what you want to shred or stir, then position the lid in its place, then press the start button and within a couple of minutes, you will have excellent smoothies ready to drink without lumps.

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Method of use

We must add that after completing its work, the blender automatically shuts off, this is because the lid of the cup can detect the voltage and the motor will automatically cut off the power supply to prevent a malfunction.

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Battery

The Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer comes equipped with a 2 x 700mAh battery that guarantees us to use it about 15 times (with full charge), giving us the ability to prepare smoothies in just 30 seconds while being charged with a magnetic system, something ideal for a device with portable features.

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Battery

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Features

The Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer comes with a variety of features that makes it stand out from the rest of juice mixers in the market, this is due to its uniqueness of being drinkable.

Its main features are:

  • High power 200W motor
  • High-pressure resistance of borosilicate glass
  • 400ml capacity
  • 700mAhx2 battery
  • Non-slip silicone band
  • Easy to wash
  • Stainless steel 304 hidden blades
  • Portable and light
  • Auto power off
  • LED indicator
  • Easy to use
Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Features

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Specification Table

Basic information
Manufacturer Name Xiaomi
Product name Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer
Battery 700mAhx2
Manufacturing materials borosilicate glass, thermoplastic polymer and 304 stainless steel
Colour white and pink
Weight 0.495 kg
Dimensions 8.55 x 8.55 x 18.78 cm
General characteristics High power 200W motor 400ml capacity Silicone non-slip band Simple to wash Hidden blades with 304 stainless steel Portable and light Auto power off LED work indicator
Package content
Includes: 1x Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer 1x USB cable 1x User’s manual

Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer: Where to buy it?

Currently, the Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer can be purchased on the Gearbest online store at the low price of $34.99 (€30.78), so do not hesitate and buy it. Next, we will leave you the purchase links in case you are interested in this accessory:

Buy Xiaomi Youpin Juice Mixer on Gearbest

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