Xiaomi Yi Smart Dashcam Records All The Road Action. Get It For Just $44.99 From TomTop!

Xiaomi has released several cameras of this type, such as the Xiaomi 70 Minutes Smart Car. However, our protagonist today is the one that is in promotion with a reduction of 39% less at TomTop and that is the Xiaomi Yi Smart Dashcam. With the clear objective of serving as a camera for the car, the Xiaomi Yi Smart Dashcam has completely different specifications than those of an action camera. Check out the design and specifications below.

Xiaomi Yi Smart Dashcam: Design and screen

The Xiaomi Dashcam has a design of lower and upper cooling system. Cold air enters through the lower vents and exits through the upper vent. This cooling design allows the camera to cool and offers a longer life. It was also created with ecological materials that have passed strict tests of wear, abrasion, and corrosion. All are free of lead and toxins to ensure reliability and durability. The creative mounting of the T-slot is comfortable and safe to use: simply adjust and slide the camera into the slot, and fix it firmly on the windshield of your car. It is guaranteed that the camera will remain in place while driving. It is available in two colors: gray and gold.

The screen is 2.7-inch LCD and 16: 9 aspect ratio. This is easy to control and display due to its optimal size and 4 large touch buttons. In addition, the simple user interface offers one-touch sharing and allows users to easily transfer images at any time.

Xiaomi Yi Smart Dashcam: Components

It is equipped with 6-layer glass lenses with an infrared optical filter that guarantees high-resolution images with excellent color balance for daytime and nighttime walks. Also, it has a great opening up to F1.8 for a better night vision. The size of the opening determines the maximum light intake. The higher the consumption, the better the performance in low light. This camera is specially designed to obtain clear images in all light conditions.

It uses an image sensor AR0230 provided by Aptina, which is 1 / 2.7 inches and provides an HDR function, high-quality video and HD 1080p capture at 60 FP. Another built-in sensor is ultra-high sensitivity images dedicated to automobiles. This has a size of 3.0 x 3.0 microns, provides a light exposure of 4000 mV/light.sec guarantees stellar images of night vision and produces an image of 2 times the quality of other dashcams. In addition, it uses A12 40nm chip with Yi technology, an advanced and specialized dual-core CPU + DSP processor.

Forget the days with registration limit due to the environment, such as the tunnel, the subway or the low light. With the most advanced e-HDR broad dynamic video technology in the world, video quality improved by 25%. Average dashcams with recording at 30 fps limit recording at high speed. The capabilities of this 1080p and 60 fps dashcam were designed with speed in mind. Now you can record fluid images, high definition and in detail.

To reduce blind spots, this dashcam uses a 165 ° ultra wide-angle glass lens, which monitors 3 lanes comfortably. The camera is very sensitive, which allows accurate and detailed capture recordings. The Xiaomi Yi Smart Dashcam is capable of capturing 1296p by software interpolation. Thus, with a pixel density 44% greater than 1080p, the camera produces clearer images than you can imagine.

Xiaomi YI Smart Dashcam

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