Xiaomi YESOUL M3 Intelligent Spinning Bicycle Integrated With 10.1 Inch Screen Offered For $598.99

Xiaomi is not new when it comes to fitness products, especially with notable smart additions. Over the months, the brand has come with lots of amazing fitness device, one of which is the “Xiaomi Foldable Walking Mijia WalkingPad” and many others which have been largely accepted in the market today. The Xiaomi Yesoul Wild Beast comes with lots of amazing features which will surely set it aside in the market today. The exercise bike is equipped with a large display of 10.1 inches, and also features an app for real-time training, thanks to the virtual coach, with support from Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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Xiaomi YESOUL Wild Beast

The Wild Beast M3 adopts a design where resistance is produced by magnets, then there is a high-strength Weigel rubber strap that serves to prevent friction and reduce the noise of the brake pads of traditional spinning bikes, obviously your neighbors will appreciate this. Being a smart bike, there is a chip that serves to collect all the information obtained from our rides, giving a response to training programs customized for the owner. During the exercise, there is then a “personal” trainer that monitors the intensity of the movement, along with the heartbeat, calories burned and other data not better specified. The advice of this smart coach should help avoid over-training (getting too tired) or too little, training in a safer and more efficient way.

A new spinning bike from Xiaomi called Yesoul

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In addition to the smart coach, there are also several lessons created by professionals in the field that you can watch online live, so you can train in a company and not feel completely isolated.  The most interesting detail to talk about its amazing display on the front of the bike. The Wild Beast M3 actually comes with a small screen from 10.1 inches on which you can watch live lessons, check all the parameters available and probably even watch other videos or movies online (unspecified).

Main Features:

  • 10.1 inch smart touch screen, real-time data feedback
  • Magnetron resistance system, no friction, avoiding brake noise
  • Belt drive for smoother rides and no friction
  • High-quality aluminum ring flywheel for a smoother ride experience
  • Counting in real time during cycling, consuming calories, harvesting fun
  • Compact design, the footprint is only equivalent to 4 sheets of A3 paper
  • For home fitness
  • Voltage: 12V

Where To Buy The Xiaomi YESOUL Wild Beast M3 spinning bike

The Xiaomi YESOUL Wild Beast M3 spinning bike is currently available on Gearbest for $598.99



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