Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL Induction LED Ceiling Review

We have been looking for a bright medium-sized lamp with a built-in light sensor from a long time. Maybe, some Santa Claus from Xiaomi read our letter, and the white brand released what was required. Yes, and they do sell them in sets, sometimes with good discounts.

When we order the device first, it costs us around $60 (i.e., $ 30 per item), which, obviously a very cool price for such a lighting device. The Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL does not come with WIFI and Bluetooth (which were superfluous for our purposes at all) or a built-in battery, which could have made it a smart device. However, it comes in a size of 25 cm, an honest power of 10 W and power from 220. Which is enough for good lighting of a small room.


The Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL comes in a brown cardboard box, and the packaging is really nice. Both the device looks identical so that we will write about one of them.Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL

Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
In the box, you will receive lamp, mounting kit (2 screws and 2 dowels), with instruction manual in Chinese:
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YLThe Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL features a minimalist design with absolutely nothing superfluous.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
In the center, you can find the luminance and movement sensor cover.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
From the back: Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL

The stated characteristics:

Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL Specifiactions:
Power supply: 220V
Power consumption: 10W
Luminous flux: 670lm
Color temperature: 5700K Operation
Range: 1.5m
Operating temperature range: -10 to + 40 ° C
Color rendering index:

The Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL lamp consists of mainly two parts: a metal case and a removable plastic canopy.

Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
Dimensions: Outer diameter 25 cm.Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
WeightXiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YLYou can remove the ceiling of the lamp by turning it about 15-20 °. It is held on the case with the help of three “hooks”.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YLThe hooks of the ceiling insert into these tricky latches on the metal case.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
The Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL comes with Full protection against the ingress of insects due to snug in the plastic ceiling to the housing. It is intelligently designed to lack the clearance between the “mold”, and the sensor hole for him plafond. This is made with a side seal pasted on it.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YLThe ceiling of the Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL comes with Material plafond some of PMMA Emer, which results into a uniform dispersion of light throughout the room(believe, this is indeed the case).

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Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YLThe upper part is made of quite soft and flexible material, but not brittle. There is also a hole with a sealing ring in the center.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
The lower part is made of 0.8mm metal.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
We also notice that the lamp does not fit closely to the surface, there is a gap about 1 cm from the ceiling. On the bottom part, there are four legs stamped, in which two comes with a hole for the screw. The Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL design in such a way to cool the case in a place where the LEDs are attached to it from the inside:Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL Inside, everything is very neat & clean.Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
Inscriptions on device: Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL

There are 28 pieces of LEDs located around the perimeter of the square and covered with a translucent overlay. At the top of the mold, where there are all contacts it features a silicone bowl with an anti-dust pad.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
There are seven LEDs n each side of Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
The quality and attention to detail of the Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL lamp can be seen from here. Under the plastic cover, you can find the terminal block. The wires enter into the luminaire through a silicone cuff, there is even, in general, a useless 10cm piece of wire 2×0.75. Although there is an earthing contact inside, the connections were soldered with solder, which is not available on 99% of Chinese lamps.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL

In work

For testing the lamp first, we cut the tail wire and put a long cable immediately, because we need to hang the light on the wall with power from the outlet. Power consumption – honest 10W:
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
The lamp shines brightly, and the top cover really gives a wholly diffused uniform light in all directions.

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Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL
We manipulate the camera shutter little bit to look at the LEDs in the working mode (with the cover removed).
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL


For providing an idea about the brightness of Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL to our readers, it was necessary to highlight the pantry on the stairs where Harry Potter lives. Before the Yeelight there was a modern small lamp running on the battery from Xiaomi. It practically did not give light, which was often abounding with cones on our heads.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YLWe were looking for some lights with a PIR sensor so that the door would open and the light would turn on itself, move inside, go out and the light would go out. The Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL works precisely the same. Also, it comes with excellent brightness, and the light is so uniform that every nook and cranny of the closet is visible.  We try to choose the parameters of the photo, as is apparent in reality.

Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YLNow we plan to use the second lamp in the lobby after the entrance door so that the light will turn on automatically.

About the working of the sensor and electronics: The Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL automatically turns on when there is an absence of a more or less bright ambient light. There is about a second response delay if you abruptly enter the sensor’s operating range. This is mainly done to prevent different flies loving to hang around at night. We did not find any mention about the angle of operation anywhere, but it is definitely more than 120 ° degrees, which is generally excellent.

The scale of operation resembles the stated ~ 1.5m. The lamp switches itself off after 60 seconds if it does not find more movement in the sensor zone, which, in general, is long enough and is not regulated at all. During working of the device, we did not find any pulsation no matter how we try to look for it. The color temperature of the device stays at 5700K which is quite pleasant for the eyes. Of course, this is far from a warm light, but something between natural and cold.


The Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL is an excellent option for organizing automatic lighting of all kinds of storerooms, closets, walk-in closets, vestibules, sheds, and other similar premises. You can install the light both on the ceiling and on the wall. Excellent workmanship and build quality.
We recommend, especially if you catch a reasonable price.
Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD09YL


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