Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Star Rail Ceiling Light Set Offered For $219.99

The Xiaomi Yeelight star system is a series of ceiling lights with amazing features which would make it a must buy in every home. It has various modes some of which includes “Sunrise wake up” and “Sunset turn on light” mode, daylight algorithm, use fiber optics to say good morning and evening, synchronize natural light, gently wake you up. The Yeelight Star Rails are available in both white and star versions of the living room and bedroom lights.

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The Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Star Rail Ceiling Light Set pure white version is pure and elegant, simple and stylish, the star version uses the film printing process, the new store decoration, giving you the beautiful and empty star-like. The Yeelight star rail set is the living room lamp, thin and temperament, the new value of the home

The smart light middle frame is as thin as 35mm, which is about the diameter of a mineral water bottle cap. Slim body, outstanding temperament, give the home a light and playful. Visiting friends and family, the taste of home aesthetics, the beginning of the first look. Yeelight is thin in design aesthetics, and the inner light is also landscape. The lateral star-shaped track is hollowed out. When lighting, the glimpse of the good light trajectory, a little line, not only outlines the value but also evokes the illusion of light. The balance between simplicity and complexity is both aesthetics and philosophy.


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Yeelight thin professional is embedded with a TV-Lens high precision lens. In order to achieve excellent light efficiency in the ultra-thin state, the Yeelight star-rail system ceiling lamp adopts a highly precise TV-Lens module lens, which covers 240 lamps and a 160-degree professional lens angle to disperse the light and evenly illuminate it. Delicate as water. It comes with Remote control. The portable remote control can be freely dimmed wherever you go. The Yeelight Bluetooth remote control maintains the same style as the ceiling light, and the small part is more tasteful. The smart light can also be controlled via a mobile APP, to turn on the lights before entering the house. The mobile APP gives you the convenience of the tentacle, supports the original control, and turns on the lights before going home. Not only does it get home late, but also has good light to meet, time off, delay-off, night light mode, etc.

Significantly up to Ra95, faithfully restore the color of objects like natural light. The minimum light level is only 1 lumen, such as moonlight, which can be used as a living room background light to create a good atmosphere. Night nights or breastfeeding, illuminate the road underfoot, do not disturb the sleeping family. In addition, the Yeelight smart light is linked with the door lock, and the door light is turned on; when it is linked with the Xiaomi bracelet, it automatically turns off the light when it falls asleep.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Star Rail Ceiling Light Set

The Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Star Rail Ceiling Light Set is currently available on Gearbest for $216.51



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