Xiaomi Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight With Rechargeable Battery

The Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight is one of the best product from Yeelight by which you can Illuminate the light through your movements.

Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight

Yeelight is an innovative leader dedicated for smarting lighting application. Working actively with Amazon, Google and Microsoft team, And it brings you the best lighting experience you may imagine for a smart home!

Specifications Of Yeelight Motion Sensor Rechargeable Nightlight

Clean And Elegant Design

Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight

The white exterior and flower petal light bulb design creates a simplistic aesthetic that can easily match any room. The nightlight glows a comfortable, soft warm light. The interior includes Fresnel lens and a light sensor.

Hangable And Adhesive

Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight

Flip up the back hook to hang on any place you desire; easily change its location with convenience.
Strong 3M adhesive backing supports a stable stick onto anywhere you desire. Stairs, cabinets, nightstands—an easy installation wherever you need it.

Good Battery Life

Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight

Yeelight packed with a high-quality 750mAh lithium battery, one single charge can last up to 120 days. Go about your busy lives without needing to stress about removing and charging the light frequently.

Illuminates upon detecting your movements

Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight

The Yeelight is Equipped with an infrared sensor, the motion sensor can detect the movement up to 5-7m (~16-23 feet) away with a span of up to 120-degrees.

A soft And Warm Glow Light

Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight

It comes With a color temperature of 2700K, this light emits a soft, warm glow. The gentle light won’t disturb your deep-sleeping families, nor will it hurt your sleepy, sensitive eyes. The nightlight gently illuminates its surroundings without being overbearing.

Auto mode And Constantly “On” mode

Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight

Automatically light up for 15s upon your every movement in the dark. If you don’t need the Auto Mode you can also Switch to the “On” mode for the light to be continuously on. Bring it with you as it helps you find things in the dark without blinding your eyes with bright lights.

Main Highlights Of Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight

  • Three installation options 
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 120-day battery life
  • Light and Motion Sensors

The Yeelight Motion Sensor Rechargeable Nightlight is available on Amazon and Flipkart at INR 1,599 Around ($22)

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