Xiaomi YEELIGHT Meteorite LED Smart Dinner Pendant Lights Offered For $89.99(Coupon)

Yeelight is a Xiaomi submarine responsible for creating intelligent lamps, light bulbs and LED strips. I have many products with the Yeelight logo that work very well in home automation. A few days ago, the company presented another Yeelight Meteorite lamp that would ideally fit into the dining room above the table.

Do you associate the Jiaoyue lamp with Ambilight ? It was the first product that had a double light source. One, the main powerful one that can be adjusted between the color temperature of cold-warm light and the second weaker RGB with 16 million colors to arrange the right mood. Yeelight Meteorite also has two light sources, 12 RGB LEDs with 7W power are responsible for the colorful light on the ceiling. You can change the color using the Yeelight / Mi Home app, scenes with other devices or a voice assistant, including Siri from Apple. It is also possible to control the lamp using the Yeelight remote control but it is missing in the set, you have to buy separately. The remote control only supports the main light, it can not be controlled with colored light on the ceiling.

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The body of the new lamp has been made of plastic, making it lightweight which will facilitate assembly. Total lamp power is 33W, the main light offers a color temperature from 2700K to 6700K, and the light output is from 450lm – 1700lm. This is not an impressive value, but the table is perfectly enough. The lamp length is 90 cm, thanks to which the whole table will be evenly illuminated. The part which we attach to the ceiling has a length of 48 centimeters. Yeelight Meteorite hangs on three cord-wires with adjustable from 0.5m to 1.5m.

Main Features:

  • Using side-lighting technology, 280 light bulbs are lighted through a high-transmittance light guide plate and then diffused by a diffuser to form a uniform light-emitting effect
  • 1800lm and supports stepless adjustment of brightness
  • 95Ra, effectively eliminating the visual impact of low color rendering index
  • The top of the chandelier has a colorful atmosphere lighting, using 14 lenses, 60 degree illuminating angle to create an even and transparent atmosphere
  • Color temperature support 2700K – 6500K, stepless adjustment, from warm yellow to cool white light for you and family a specific dining mode
  • Support mobile APP remote control, intelligent voice control, wireless dimmer and wall switch control
  • Supported intelligent control devices and platforms include Xiaomi, Xiaoai, Speaker, Yeelight, Voice Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, etc.
  • IP50 anti-mosquito seal design for convenient use
  • For dining room use

Where To Buy The Xiaomi YEELIGHT Meteorite LED Smart Dinner Pendant Lights

The Xiaomi YEELIGHT Meteorite LED Smart Dinner Pendant Lights is currently available on Gearbest for $86.99 using Coupon 1 ($86.99): YEEDINNER



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