(Coupon Deal) Xiaomi Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro: 220V 90W, For Just $215.99

In that case, you are still interested in knowing the new LED panel Xiaomi Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro. It is a rectangular light that is very comfortable for rooms where you need a minimalist light and that covers a large part of the surface.

Buy Xiaomi Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro: 220V 90W, For Just $215.99

Can you imagine dispensing with all the small points of light in your living room and having a large luminous panel? This is what the new LED panel Yeelight Simple LED Ceiling Light Pro gets. This new source of light has, as we have already said, very high standards, 96 x 64 cm and houses a very powerful light bulb from 90W which offers a light power of well 6000 lumens. In addition, the light bulb can be completely controlled directly from the smartphone with the artificial Xiaomi intelligence.

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As you can see in the photographs, it is spectacular. Especially because of its size, because one only serves to illuminate a large room without problems. An illumination that you can adjust at all times, both brightness and color, so you get the desired result at all times and can adjust it when you are watching TV, eating, resting, etc. And choose among all the modes that are available.

In addition, the design is very good and it is very easy to clean, especially if we consider that it comes with the characteristic anti-mosquitoes, which we usually find in the products of this manufacturer. So you can buy one for each corner of your house and make it completely ‘connected’. Among its features, mention that it acts as a Bluetooth gateway within the MiJia environment. Which means that the price increases, but also makes it worth more if you are interested in this type of product.

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Intelligent voice control supports Google Home and Amazon Echo. If you have any of these two gadgets you will be able to squeeze much more, controlling the brightness and color only with the voice, without you having to do anything else. If you prefer, you can also control everything from the app. You can download it for free for your mobile and through it change the light whenever you want. And give access to the guests you have in your house without complications.

The Xiaomi Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro is a very good option if you are looking for a top-notch ceiling light. It is currently available on Gearbest for Just $215.99 using a Coupon Code: GBLED910903.

Coupon Code: GBLED910903

Buy Xiaomi Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro For Just On Gearbest for $215.99


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