Xiaomi Yeelight Induction LED Ceiling Light With Human Body Sensor & Light Sensor Offered For Just $25.99

The Xiaomi Yeelight Induction LED ceiling light features modern and simple style, not only an illumination instrument but a perfect ornament for your house. Using high-performance LED chip, the light is safe and energy-saving to use. The white light will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for you. It’s suitable for lighting for kitchen, balcony, aisle, corridor or other places.

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The Xiaomi Yeelight Induction LED ceiling light comes in a very unique shape and design. It unique simple design does not only create good lighting for the home but nice decorating your house. The ceiling light Uses PMMA lampshade material which creates uniform light and translucent strong.  It is quite portable but strong enough to illuminate a very big sitting room. It has a dimension of 25.00 x 25.00 x 7.10 cm and has a total weight of 740grams.

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It has a built-in dual sensor, which makes the lighting different from all other lighting systems. Talking about the dual sensor, It has a built-in infrared human body sensor which is sensitive to your trace. This sensor ensures that when someone comes passing the light, the light would automatically on and shine brightly. After 60 seconds, if nobody moves, the light will automatically shut off. It also comes with a light sensor, with this, the light would automatically be turned off during the day without the need for a light.

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It also sports an Anti-mosquito design, With theAnti-mosquito stickers design, It effectively solves the problem of flying insects in the lampshade. This ceiling light would ensure you there are no mosquitoes around, no worries about life trivia. It has a Color rendering index Ra of up to 95, highly restored color. It also saves energy saving and environmental protection without flash. Lastly, the light is embedded with an Intimate power protection case to prevent danger caused by accidental contact

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Yeelight Induction LED Ceiling Light

The Xiaomi Yeelight Induction LED Ceiling Light is currently available on Gearbest for just $25.99 and has a free shipping option.



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