Xiaomi Yeelight arrives in India with its smart products

Xiaomi Yeelight, who is the manufacturer of smart lamps for the Mi Ecosystem, has officially arrived in India to present its incredible products. The company has reached this market with a smart lamp, smart bulbs and a light strip that can be controlled from different smart devices, such as smartphones.

After having worked for so long, we can finally say that Yeelight products reach the Indian market with aggressive prices.

Xiaomi Yeelight arrives in India with its smart products

Yeelight finally reaches the Indian market

Yeelight has already launched some products, which include smart bulbs for a price of $33 along with the Aurora Lightstrip Plus with a price of $54. The company also introduced the Yeelight Candle lamp at a price of $68, as well as the Yeelight smart LED bulb at a price of $34. For the moment, Yeelight has made these four products official, but it will be a matter of very little time so we can see more products of this company in India.

Currently, users can buy the products through Amazon India, although, and as has happened with the rest of the products launched by Xiaomi, we will be able to find them in retail stores within a very short time.

Compatibility of these smart lights

With regards to the compatibility of these smart lights presented by Yeelight, these are compatible with all major smartphones, and you can experience the immersive experience through the use of the home products of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. These lights also have Wifi support and the temperature of your light can be adjustable, as well as its brightness. On the other hand, programmable lights can be configured to turn on, off, dim or increase their brightness depending on the need of the user.

Compatibility of these Yeelight smart lights

Giving a talk at Yeelight’s launch event in India, Yeelight founder and CEO Eric Jiang said: “With the intelligent lighting industry in India facing a rising growth trajectory, we are very excited to venture into the Indian markets.”

From now on, Yeelight’s products will be imported and distributed in India thanks to Xiaomi’s contacts with public relations in this country.


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